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Medlicker features quality information on health, fitness, weight loss, medical drugs and other related topics. We do not provide medical advice. If you have any health issues or suffering from any symptoms always seek a proper treatment at your doctor's and never rely on information found on the web or anywhere else.
Our mission statement is based on three principles:

1) Become the best and most accurate source of information on health disorders, drugs, medical procedures, fitness and weight loss

Anything we write and publish on Medlicker.com is based on proper scientific research. All articles are written by either medical doctors or by premeds and medical students. We use the best reference sites available on the web, such as:

Mayoclinic | Webmd | Patient.co.uk | NHS | NIH

2) Become the best source of information and tips for premeds and medical students

As many of our writers are medical students, we know how difficult it is to succeed and pass all exams properly. Therefore we provide students with free tests and quizzes on various topics, such as histopathology, anatomy, physiology or clinical medicine.

3) Be always honest

We never directly or indirectly promote any product, procedure or medical service by writing reviews, sponsored articles or product recommendations. We would like to be completely advertising free but ads are currently our only source of income, which we need to be able to run our website and get the best medical content online. All ads are visibly marked and there are no any hidden fees, costs or malware on your website.

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E-mail: medlicker@medlicker.com

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