Natural treatment options for anemia

June 9, 2013 at 10:27 PM

Anemia is a medical disorder that is caused by several internal issues. The plain meaning of anemia is the insufficient blood in the body. This is mainly due to lack of iron in the body or a blood disease. There are several medications available to cure anemia, but natural remedies have been found to be very effective. Natural remedies have been used for several centuries ago and can really help to cure the anemic condition in the body. It is always important to consult a doctor before undertaking any of the natural remedies because a regular check-up ensures that anemic disorder is under control. The following are the best natural remedies for anemia.

Vegetables in the diet

Plenty of vegetables in the diet is very vital in ensuring that iron is sufficient. For example, lentils, peas, beans and nuts are very rich in iron. It is advisable that anemia patients should consume them on a daily basis. Additionally, anemia patient should also look on the food labels so that they can see whether they contain fortified iron. This can be bread, pastas and cereals.

Avoid consumption of excess coffee and tea

It should be noted with great concern that consuming plenty of tea and coffee is very harmful for a patient who has been diagnosed with anemia. Excess tea and coffee reduce the capability of the body to absorb plenty of iron from food during the digestion process. Additionally, ingesting antacids is not good because it has the same properties with coffee and tea.

Consumption of honey

For many years, honey has been used by anemic patients as a natural remedy. Scientifically, honey is rich in manganese, iron and copper which are very essentially for the increase in hemoglobin contents, in the blood. This means that high hemoglobin ensures plenty of blood, therefore, relieving the adverse effects of anemia in the body. This remedy is the best and is less expensive when compared to other forms of anemia treatments.

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is also helpful in treating anemia. It is contained in animal proteins and organic meat such as liver and kidney. Consuming them on a daily basis ensures sufficient blood in the body and those with anemic conditions will find Vitamin B12 best natural remedy in the long run.

Well balanced diet

It is worth noting that a well balanced diet is normally good for human health and beneficial for anemic patients. The diet can constitute rice, dairy products, eggs, dry beans, vegetables and cereals. A balanced diet together with a body massage is essential in triggering vital points in the human body to maintain a normal blood levels. Good diet is also considered best in preventing the development of anemia in many people.

Beetroot and the beetroot juice

Scientists have found that beetroot contains plenty of essential elements like phosphorous, potassium, sulphur, copper, iodine, Carbohydrates, fats and proteins. With such rich essential elements together with high iron content, it helps to improve the formation of the red blood cells. Additionally, beetroot juice strengthens the body resistance against the reduction of blood, therefore, the best remedy for anemia in the long run. Children and teenagers will find beetroot juice and beetroot consumption very important in curing anemia and reduction of blood in the body.

Eat apples in every meal

There is a common saying that eating one apple per day helps to keep off the doctor. This is very true because apples contain nutrients that expedite the healing process and increase iron elements in the body. However, recent studies advocate that apples should be eaten at every meal time on an ongoing basis. Although it is not fixed for the anemia patients, anybody can consume apples in order to prevent anemic conditions in the future.

Bathing in a bathtub with Epsom salt water solution

It is also possible to cure anemia naturally by bathing in a bathtub containing Epsom salt solution. Epsom salts are mixed with hot water and then left for several minutes to dissolve. After dissolution, the anemia patient can submerge himself or herself to bath in it for about thirty minutes and at least three times a week. This remedy has been found to be effective to cure anemia, though few people can attest the effectiveness.

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Written by: Michal Vilímovský (EN)
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Published: June 9, 2013 at 10:27 PM
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