5 natural treatment tips how to immediately kill toothache

January 15, 2014 at 12:42 PM

Toothache is the pain which occurs in and around a tooth. This pain comes either from within the tooth or from the surrounding gums and the bones structures. The pain may be constant or variable in its intensity. But what causes toothache. Below is the list of most common causes of toothache.


The most common cause of a tooth ache is tooth decay in which small cavities are formed inside the tooth which affects its outer coating. These cavities don’t hurt in the initial stages but with the passage of time, the cavities penetrate into the inner layers of the tooth which is extremely sensitive. When this happens, the person feels a sharp and intense pain in his tooth. 

Excessive grinding of the teeth can also lead to a tooth ache as excess force is applied on the tissues surrounding the tooth which not only causes a tooth ache but also leads to jaw joint issues. 

Not brushing teeth for a longer period of time causes toothache, leading to the formation of cavities inside the tooth.

Falls or accidents can sometimes lead to a toothache. Initially, the damage to the tooth might not be that significant. However, with the passage of time, the damage exacerbates as bacteria accumulate inside the damaged tooth.

Toothache is a very painful condition. The pain starts without any warning, varying from a mild discomfort to severe throbbing. 

Why cure toothache?

Toothache greatly affects the daily activities of an individual like chewing and grinding of food, brushing the teeth etc. A study conducted in 2008 aimed at accessing the impact of dental pain on the daily activities of children proved that toothache considerably affects the daily lives of the children and impaired their performance in house hold and academic settings.  

Top 5 tips to cure a tooth ache

Toothache is quite painful, therefore, for its cure, a person has to take medications and make appointments with a dentist. But you don’t like going to a dentist, right? No one does. So, is there some natural, immediate cure for toothache that you can try at home? Certainly, there are some natural remedies for a toothache. Following are the top five tips for the cure of a tooth ache.

Ice Cubes

Ice cubes can help relieve a toothache. To apply an ice cube, take a small piece of ice in your hand and massage it gently over the part of the tooth where you feel pain. Keep massaging for half or a full minute. After sometime, the pain in the tooth will begin to vanish as the ice cubes directly target the exposed nerves of your tooth. Cold ice would cause numbness in that area due to which about 50-80% of pain will disappear instantly.


Ginger acts as a powerful herbal medicine in curing toothache. A research in the University of California proved that Ginger roots have many advantages which include the effective treatment of ringworm, relieving stomach upsets, soothing headaches and curing toothaches. Moreover different laboratory researches have proven the fact that Ginger is full of compounds which help in relieving and curing toothache.

Now let us see how to apply ginger on the infected tooth. You can either chew ginger or you can swallow 3 grams of ginger powder with warm water to cure the toothache. The use of ginger reduces the swelling of the teeth and gums, causing a significant reduction in pain. 

Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is quite beneficial for a toothache. Due to the antiseptic properties of Tea tree oil, it is used in toothpastes. In this way, this oil helps in the prevention of a toothache. Even when a person is already suffering from a toothache, Tea tree oil is quite beneficial. To apply tea tree oil to the affected tooth, take a cotton swab and apply tea tree oil on it. After that, put the cotton swab on the affected tooth. Another remedy is to add 1-2 table spoons of tea tree oil and mix it with Aloe Vera. Make a paste and apply it to the affected tooth. 

Other than this, tea tree oil helps to heal the broken tooth. Moreover, it also helps in healing the wounds and cuts in the mouth.

Hot tea bag

Hot tea bags can also be used for curing a toothache. To apply tea bag, take a tea bag and put it in a cup of hot water for about 15 minutes, so that the tea becomes nice and strong. After that, take the tea bag out of hot water and let it cool down for one minute. Drink the tea and just throw away the tea bag. Now place the tea bag firmly on the affected tooth. Hold it for several minutes. After sometime, the pain sensation will end. One thing is important to mention here that the choice of the tea bag doesn’t really matter. You can use any tea bag of your choice. You can even use green mint tea instead of tea bags.

Clove oil

Use of clove oil is another good treatment for people suffering from toothaches. It is available in any local health food shop in bottled form at a very low cost. It contains a compound called Eugenol which is a natural pain killer and antibacterial. 

For applying clove oil on the infected tooth, mix it with ¼ teaspoon of Olive oil. Now take a ball of cotton and saturate it with the mixture. After that, put the cotton ball besides the tooth for some time. You will feel relieved. Pregnant women and people with diabetes should, however, avoid the use of clove oil.

This article has mentioned some of the general facts about toothaches and tips as how to cure a toothache. In conclusion, if you experience excruciating toothache in the middle of the night then you need not worry. Try out these natural things to ease the pain and go and see your dentis immediately.

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Written by: Michal Vilímovský (EN)
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Published: January 15, 2014 at 12:42 PM
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