10 Foods For Better Sexual Life

April 20, 2014 at 7:05 AM

Healthy food and daily routine exercises that makes you feel good also boosts your sex life. Some foods can kill your mood as well as your libido. Libido is a form of energy that governs your sex life. You need vital nutrients like fruirts, drinks, and desserts to improve your sexual life. Here we will discuss top ten foods to improve your love/sex life.


Some nutritionists claim that strawberries and raspberries are two vital foods for improving your sexual life. Both are enriched with vitamin C and zinc that helps to build number of sperms in men. Higher level of zinc also helps the women to prepare their body more quickly for sex. Consume lots of strawberries before having sex; it’s not only the zinc but also the other antioxidants that optimize the blood flow. It contains sustainable level of energy. If a couple do sex three times a day, their body entire zinc level may be depleted so it’s the best choice for both men and women to eat a lot of strawberries to make the best out of their raging youth.


Use of alcohol is closely related with better sex life. It has number of effects on your sexual behavior. One of the side effects of using alcohol is reduced inhibition. It causes increase in sexual behavior. After using alcohol your body system slows down and it can psychological symptoms like depression or anger. Impact of alcohol is different in men and women. When women consume alcohol, their sexual arousal and desire increases. Level of testosterone increases after its consumption that strengths libido in women and ultimately interest in sex increases. On the other hand the effects of alcohol are more pronounced among men. It causes dramatic changes in their behavior. Small amount of alcohol might increase sexual activities but chronic alcohol consumption will eventually lead to impotency. So, the trick is to consume small amount of wines like red wine (with less fraction of alcohol) and not make drinking a habit because excess of everything is bad.


Avocado is like large berry that has a single seed. It has green skin and a fleshy body. It is a sexual powerhouse, packed with nutrients that are essential for your sexual life. It is helpful for both men and women. It contains vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin B6, folic acid, potassium, fatty acids, and other anti oxidant that have significant effect on body’s reproductive organs. Avocado increases sperm count. Avocados contain healthy monounsaturated fats. These fats are essential components of male and female sex hormones (both testosterone and estrogen).


Almonds contain outer hull and inside it is a hard shell with seed. You have to remove the shell to eat seed. Almonds are available both in shelled an unshelled forms. You can use it both in raw and roasted form. It contains vitamins and minerals that are useful for health and helps increase sexual functions in men specially. It will improve the level of the testosterone that will make the libido of men strong and intense. Almonds also contain arginine, which is an amino acid. It helps to improve heart functions efficiently and increase sex drive in men. Almonds are the power house of some vital nutrient like zinc, selenium and vitamin E. All these vitamins and minerals lead to healthy sex life. Omega -3 is a fatty acid that is found in almonds.Omega-3 helps to improve blood flow that is important for sex organs. Selenium and vitamin E also helps to boosts men libido and sex hormones synthesis.


Make your sexual life sizzling by eating steaks. Take juicy steak to enhance sexual performance. It is full of zinc, iron and vitamin B. It naturally contains dopamine, testosterone and nor-epinephrine. Let see the effects of these hormones in detail.

Dopamine: It acts as a neurotransmitter that triggers brain pleasure center. It also arouses emotional responses.

Nor-epinephrine: It is another neurotransmitter that helps in controlling brain alertness, emotions, dreaming and learning. This hormone also helps in increasing heart rate and blood flow to heart.

Testosterone: Red meat increases the level of testosterone in your body. It is a substance that controls the blood level in penis and controls sexual stamina. Red meat is also packed with zinc, high level of saturated fats and cholesterol. Although these ingredients are essential for better sex life and are loaded in red meat but it’s important not to eat red meat on regular basis otherwise it can lead to high blood pressure, different heart disease and can affect your general health condition that will ultimately effect your sexual functions.

Sweet potatoes

It is also another option to increase your sex drive. It is large in size, sweet in taste and its roots can be eaten. It contains high level of potassium that is helpful in curing high blood pressure. It also contains vitamin A that can be useful in infertility as it boosts sperm production and their maturation. This vegetable contains beta carotene. Beta carotene is a vitamin that is found in different vegetables and fruits, especially those that are yellow, orange or dark green in color. Human body converts beta carotene into vitamin A.

Vitamin A, in addition to stimulating the production of sperms, can help vagina and uterus remain in good shape. It is also involved in the production of sex hormones. 100 grams of serving sweet potatoes contains 214 IU of vitamin A. It also contains potassium and sodium. It is low in fat and helps the body regulate cholesterol level. Both these functions build a healthy body that is helpful in healthy sex life too.


Coffee is bitter in taste. It is made from roasted and baked seeds of several plants. Before coffee seeds are brewed for coffee they are roasted to different levels of heat. Its origin is Yemen and Ethiopia and coffee is available in different colors like dark brown, back and light brown. Coffee derives your sex desire. Coffee is a best liquid that wakes up nervous system immediately. Coffee contains caffeine that motivates sexual arousal. Being an energy drink it helps to improve energy level in body. It improves your mental performance and makes you more alert both physical and mentally. Other than improving your sex life coffee also helps in losing weight, helps in fighting against muscle fatigue. If you use coffee before running or doing exercise, you will feel improvement in your body performance. However, regular use of coffee should be avoided. Too much consumption will trigger the production of stress hormones. These hormones negatively lower libido and sexual desire.


Chocolate is the world’s most popular food. It is produced from the seeds of the tropical cocoa tree. Before making it available in different eatable form its seeds are dried, cleaned and roasted. Chocolate is available in different kinds, with different fruits, nuts and other food products.

But how it improves your love life?

Your spouse or wife will get excited if you gift her heart-shaped box of chocolates. Dark chocolate contains substances that improve your sexual desire, boosts your energy level and makes your mood happy. Here are some benefits of dark chocolate

Increases blood flow: It increases flow of blood to the sexual organs. It also contains L-arginine (an amino acid) that enhances sexual desire, sensation, and satisfaction in both men and women.

Helps to change mood: It is a love chemical. It increases the libido by producing dopamine, which gives you the feelings of joy and pleasure. Boosts your energy level: It contains bromine that is found in tea and kola nuts too. It works on central nervous system in such a way that we feel stimulated and excited. Good news is you can eat it daily. Dark chocolate is best to consume on daily basis.

Sesame foods

Sesame foods are enriched with Magnesium, Vitamin B-6, iron and saturated fats. Sesame foods are popular in Asia, South America and Africa. Their seeds are used in variety of dishes. Sesame foods contain zinc. Zinc helps both men and women in boosting their sex life. Zinc is a vital mineral for the production of testosterone in men. It helps the men to improve their sex drive and contributes in the maintenance of normal sperm count. For women zinc helps to turn their pain into pleasure, as it helps women in the production of vaginal lubrication.


It really helps your love life in summer. It’s low in fat but serves to improve libido. Watermelon, also known as melon, has juicy flesh inside normally of pink, orange, yellow or white color. Watermelon acts as natural Viagra, because it contains Citruline. Citruline helps to relax blood vessels and controls the blood level to your sex organs. A research shows that if you take 8-ounces glass of watermelon juice daily you can increase arginine level up to 11%. The function of arginine has been mentioned already. Other than its benefits in sexual life it also helps to reduce weight, contains potassium, vitamin C and vitamin A.

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Written by: Michal Vilímovský (EN)
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Published: April 20, 2014 at 7:05 AM
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