200 actionable tips for healthy living and eating

April 25, 2015 at 1:45 PM

Want to know some healthy, simple and useful tips to turn around your life in 2015 and beyond? If yes, you should check out this article and discover all you need! This post contains the biggest compilation, we repeat the biggest compilation, on the web about everything you need to do to live a healthy, productive and long life. Everyone (children, adults and seniors) will find here lots of tips for healthy and active living and eating.

These tips are simple to understand and easy to follow. Of course, you can’t implement everything at once, just take it slowly and keep on changing things slowly until you hit the 200 mark! And remember – these are just some tips – not a treatment advice. You should always see your doctor if you have any health related problems.

So, here is what you need to change with your life. Read on and enjoy!

Right nutrition sign

The Right Nutrition!

1) Low fat dairy products have lots of benefits

Milk is the earliest food we intake as infants. Dairy milk from grass fed or pasture raised cow is said to be the best of all for all age groups. Dairy products contain vital life-supporting molecules, including calcium, vitamin B12, zinc, phosphorous, iodine, proteins and many more. In short, milk contains a small portion of almost every nutrient our body needs.

  • Dairy products like milk and yogurt are reported to increase bone density and teeth health.
  • Though, it is a common myth that milk contributes toward obesity, research states just opposite. People who consume more milk are slimmer than who do not.
  • Dairy products are also linked to reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, type-2 diabetes, osteoporosis and even blood pressure.
  • A protein naturally occurring in milk is reported to improve sleep quality.

2) Say yes to omega 3 diets

Fats are assumed to be unhealthy as a general opinion, but not Omega 3 fats. Though not naturally produced in the body, they tend to be really beneficial for us. Found in fish, walnuts, spinach, broccoli, green soybeans and salmon, they deliver a great health benefit.

  • Fish oil is a great source to lower blood pressure, inflammation and Alzheimer's disease.
  • Omega 3 acts as a stabilizer for the heart and helps to prevent abnormal heart rhythms.
  • Omega 3 tends to aid in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis.
  • It improves brain health by facilitating communication among brain cells.
  • Improves skin health by relieving symptoms of acne and psoriasis

3) Pick chocolate forever

Chocolate is all times favorite for all ages. It is an extraction from the seeds of the cocoa tree and is one of the best sources of antioxidants. Don’t confuse the healthy dark chocolate with sugary stuff.

  • Chocolate is a great source of flavonoid that indirectly acts on arteries and reduces blood pressure.
  • The bio-active compound flavonoids in dark chocolate protect skin from sunlight and improves blood flow in the skin, thereby improves skin health.
  • Studies have reported that intake of a good percentage of dark chocolate tends to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases and is involved in elevating high level of good cholesterol.
  • The antioxidants present in dark chocolates helps the body to use insulin more effectively and, therefore, control blood sugar level.
  • Flavonoids present in dark chocolates moves toward neurons and induces alertness and cognition.
  • Chocolate has lots of benefits, but you should not forget that moderation is the key.

Other recommended reads:
http://authoritynutrition.com/7-health-benefits-dark-chocolate/ by Kris Gunnars

4) Dried fruit is a happy choice

In its purest form (without additives), dried fruit is nothing more than a fresh fruit with water removed. Water removal makes nutrients more concentrated and, therefore, smaller percentage is recommended by doctors. Every dry fruit brings its own benefit to us.

  • A significant amount of fibers is present in dry fruits and it makes the digestive track run more smoothly and prevents constipation
  • Prunes, dried apricot and raisins are a rich source of iron and, therefore, prevent anemia.
  • Papaya, pineapple and apricots contain a good amount of vitamin A and beta carotene which improves immunity.
  • Figs, walnuts and almonds are rich in calcium and improve bone strength. However, they also contain more calories, so moderation is the key to health.
  • Walnut is rich in omega 3 and is a really good food for better heart and brain functions.

However, one should be very careful when buying dried fruits. According to Elle Penner, M.P.H., R.D., they might be packed with too much sugar.


5) Intake fresh juices/An Apple a day!

Fresh juices are not only good in taste like fruits, but it can be a good alternative to a raw fruit. Extracting juice from a fresh fruit preserves its nutrients as a juice, but removes the healthy fiber.

  • Fresh juices are a good source of nutrients, which get dissolved in the blood stream easily and effectively.
  • Improves digestion and boosts up mood and energy.
  • They are a good source of detoxifying agents and supports immune system.
  • A healthy intake of fresh juices is directly related to anti-aging.
  • The vitamins present in fresh juice tend to boost metabolism and aid in weight loss.
  • It is not advisable to keep prepared juices for a long time. Consuming within 15 -60 minutes is best, else microbes start flourishing in them.
  • An apple a day keeps the doctor away- maybe same is true for its juice too!
  • Nature gifted fruits offer us several benefits, but apple combines them all in one package. This super fruit is a good source of 100s of phytonutrient including vitamins A and E and beta carotene.
  • Apple fight against tooth decays, bleeding gums, improves immunity and kills bacteria in the mouth
  • A component Quercetin present in apple safe guard neuro-degenerative disorders like Alzheimer's and Parkinson diseases.
  • Quercetin is also reported to reduce the risk of various cancers like lungs, breast and colon cancer (1, 2).
  • Apple contains Flavonoid, which are reported to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases (3).
  • People who eat apples regularly are less prone to respiratory track issues like asthma.
  • Eating an organic apple is much better than peeling it off.

6) Boost up your mood with berries

The little, bright, fleshy, good taste berries are powerhouses for human health. Berries have photochemicals in them, which are cell-protecting agents (4).

  • Berries are an absolute good source of antioxidants that help to reduce inflammation and prevent body from damage caused by free radicals.
  • Berries are juicy and rich in fibers and, therefore, contribute toward weight loss by giving feeling of fullness.
  • Berries are quite beneficial in fight against Alzheimer’s and Parkinson disease and dementia.
  • Berries are a good source nutrients, antioxidants and photochemical, which act as an anti-aging agent.
  • The nutrients present in berries help to treat cardiovascular diseases, arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure and certain types of cancer.

7) Breakfast is good for you

Breakfast is the very first meal of the day that gives you instant energy to start an alert and refreshing day after the whole night fasting. Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a beggar is the famous saying of old ages and medical science has just proved it to be right (5).

  • Eating breakfast regularly helps to improve memory and cognitive functions of the brain.
  • Breakfast improves metabolism and, therefore, weight loss strategies will work best for you if you are not a breakfast skipper.
  • Skipping breakfast is associated with elevated risk of hypertension, high blood sugar level and insulin resistance.
  • Improves mood, helps you to concentrate and focus better
  • Eating breakfast regularly lowers bad cholesterol in the body.

8) Eat slowly

Many people eat too fast. It will be a surprise for them to know that the brain sends signals of fullness after 20 minutes you start eating. So, before your brain signals for fullness, you’ve already over-eaten. Better brain and body coordination give you a better health.

  • Eating slowly relates to a feeling of fullness and, therefore, consuming fewer calories in the meantime. This will ultimately reduce the size of your serving.
  • Eat slowly, you will experience a better digestion and, therefore, shed weight more easily.
  • Digestion starts at the mouth with the help of saliva. More time in the mouth means better natural use of saliva and less stress on the gut.
  • Numerous studies have shown that people who eat fast are more likely to get obese.

9) Minimize sugar in diet

Sugar is no doubt a source of empty calories- calories with no real nutrients in them. It is a white killer has become leading cause of various life threatening diseases.

  • Sugar is directly related to obesity. Cutting down sugar from diet aids in weight loss.
  • Eating too much sugar leads to higher levels of triglycerides, which in turn increase the risk of heart diseases and high blood pressure.
  • Sugar is bad for teeth, consuming extra sugar leads to sticky coating or carbohydrates and proteins on teeth, which builds cavities.
  • Sugar is the enemy for your beauty; elastin and collagen are two protein molecules in the skin. Sugar is associated with a breakdown of these molecules and, therefore, makes you look old.
  • Eating sugar increases the risk of diabetes, heart diseases and cancer.

10) Eat whole foods (fish, eggs, grains etc.)

Nature is our well-wisher. Fruits, vegetable, or any other natural edible come within a complete package of various necessary nutrients. Whole foods simply mean a food in its raw, pure and natural form with no additives added to it. Seasonal, organic, unprocessed food makes your diet really beneficial for you. Nature knows well about human right needs. Whole foods are just incredible to be cooked or to be eaten as raw.

  • Healthy, organic food is associated with reduced risk of heart disease, cancer and type-2 diabetes.
  • Compared to processed food, whole foods contain more nutrients and vitamins.
  • The natural combination of whole food helps fight against diseases.
  • Rich in antioxidants, which are used to neutralize the free radicals in the body
  • Our body can’t fulfill its all requirements by itself; whole foods help us to meet these needs.

11) Don’t starve yourself

Starving was once misleadingly associated with shedding extra pounds. This is not a scientifically proven fact. In fact, starving can make your body deprived of necessary nutrients. Eating right and exercising well is the key to healthy, yet slim body. Starving may seem effective to lose weight at the start, but later as you stop starving, your body will again gain extra fats at a more rapid speed.

  • Starving adversely affects metabolism. It slows down the metabolism by impairing glucose effective utilization and, therefore, may contribute to more fat deposits in the body than before. (6)
  • If you starve, your body will not be having enough energy to carry out daily activities and even no exercise at all.
  • Starved body burns some fats and produces a chemical called ketone, which is a cause of bad breath
  • Our brain needs approximately 25% of body glucose to carry out day to day activities. If the brain is unable to get enough, it's cognitive and thinking activities start declining.

12) Green is the best: Go for leafy vegetables

Fresh green leafy vegetables like cabbage, broccoli, spinach are one of the main components of a healthy diet. Variety in your diet not only brings taste, but also ensures a sufficient intake of necessary nutrients. They not only add nutritional value to food, but also are a good source of fibers, folic acid, vitamin C, potassium and magnesium.

  • Intake of leafy vegetables diminishes risk of heart diseases, memory loss and type-2 diabetes.
  • Being low in calories and the presence of fibers helps is weight loss management program and make you feel full.
  • A lot of water in such vegetables keeps you hydrated and makes looking skin fresh and beautiful.
  • Potassium present in leafy vegetables prevents risk of osteoporosis and manages blood pressure effectively.
  • Beta-carotene present in leafy vegetables aids in growth and repair of body tissues.

13) Live Healthy: Develop healthy eating habits

Not only eating enough nutrients is important, but also their effective utilization and eating the right type of nutrients is equally important. Your diet affects directly your internal health and external appearance as well. Healthy eating include eating fruits, vegetables, fish, water, whole-grains, and avoidance of processed foods.

  • Good eating habits help you maintain a healthy weight and stop obesity.
  • You do right with your body and your mind will indirectly reward you with a good mood and improved cognitive abilities.
  • Not all diseases come with bad luck. You can easily prevent many diseases by maintaining a healthy lifestyle and eating right calories at the right time.
  • Glowing radiant skin is the unavoidable benefit of eating healthy and right.
  • Better immune system combats with diseases, which follows right diet.

14) Eat carbohydrates and protein together

Naturally occurring foods are not composed of carbohydrates or proteins solely. Most foods are the combination of proteins, fats and carbohydrates in varying ratios. Nature has gifted our digestive system to digest a variety of foods having different nutrients in varying ratio with equal efficiency. So, don’t skip one nutrient and depend solely on the other nutrient. Carbohydrates are the direct source of energy and proteins are building blocks of the body.

  • Man is an omnivore species, his digestive track is suitable to deal with variety of nutrients.
  • The human gastrointestinal track is always active. As the food enters in it, digesting enzymes are secreted and the process start immediately. This is irrespective of the nature of food.

15) Avoid pleasure eating, avoid overeating

Boredom, bad eating habits, anxiety and depression all lead to pleasure eating or over eating. Any habit that is beyond the control is damaging.

  • You may suffer nutrient deficiencies if you are eating only certain type of food or go with junks. This way you have more calories, but less quantity of necessary nutrients.
  • Extra fats become stored in the body and are not consumed effectively. This leads to fat deposits in the body.
  • Overeating leads to many diseases like hypertension, chronic fatigue, nausea, emotional and mental distress, dementia and heart diseases.
  • Overeating destroys regular metabolism in the body and may cause diabetes and obesity (7)
  • May lead to high cholesterol and high blood sugar level.

16) Avoid water intake after a meal

Water plays a vital part in our health. Drinking a good amount of water (8 glasses a day) improves overall well-being. Drinking at the right time helps a lot. Our food already contains enough water. The extra intake of water after a meal dilutes the digestive acids. The stomach, in this case, is forced to double the amount of acid and compensate the effect. This may result in:

  • Burning sensation and ulcers and may contribute toward weight gain
  • Sagging stomach
  • Feeling of drowsiness
  • Even some scientific studies have shown that it may even cause cancer (8)

17) No stress eating

Stress is caused by abnormal occurring in life or surroundings. Eating while in stress may worsen your situation.

  • Stress contributes to eating disorders; either emotional eating or restrictive eating.
  • Restrictive eaters lose their appetite and, therefore, the body is unable to get energy which it needs.
  • Stress eating may cause cardiovascular diseases and high blood pressure.
  • Eating in stress may cause nausea and vomiting and stomach pain.
  • May be the contributing factor for headaches, diabetes, skin problems, asthma and arthritis.

18) Eat with friends and family

The modern age has reduced number of opportunities to dine with our loved ones. More and more people are now having their dinners in front of laptops, in their vehicle and at restaurants. Apart from the social effects of dining together, there are still other benefits.

  • Improves family life and relationships.
  • Makes you more happy and contented and relieve stress
  • Supports you to deal with your eating disorders
  • Alleviates depression
  • Less expensive and improve healthy eating habits

19) Avoid sleeping right after the dinner

Dinner is your last meal. Sleeping right after your dinner gives your body less time to effectively utilize the consumed calories. This simply is problematic.

  • The result would be deposits of those extra calories in the body, leading to weight gain
  • Acid reflux upsets the digestive track.
  • Increases chances of stroke.
  • Extra acid may cause a burning sensation and prevents good night's sleep and cause insomnia.
  • Eating and drinking before bedtime may contribute to asthma

20) Go for a walk after finishing dinner

Health scientists recommend walking a lot. Sitting for an extended period of time adversely affect the health. A walk after dinner is recommended by health consultants, as it:

  • Cuts your risk of type-2 diabetes and speeds up the digestion process.
  • Boosts up the immune system and improves sleep quality
  • Helps reduce hypertension and high blood pressure
  • Combats depression and anxiety and improves mood.
  • Walking will burn the calories, you just ate and Therefore, pounds are shed more easily.

21) Eat your favorite food carefully

Burgers, creamy salads, coke and soda, and all other junk food are on the top of favorite foods for today’s people. They seem tasty, yet they are not healthy at all. More calories are there in that single piece of food and the carvings don’t end at all.

  • Limiting your food choices may give you immense benefits.
  • Healthy food contains all the necessary nutrients.
  • The food is enjoyable only with good health.
  • Eat carefully as the matter of fact; you can enjoy your food as long as you have a good health. 

22) Avoid night time eating

Health scientists recommend not eating more often at night. It’s better to have your dinner 2-3 hours prior to your scheduled sleeping time. Many reasons are given in support of the idea. You must understand that late night hunger is not actually a hunger. It is because of stress, workload and sometimes just for pleasure (9).

  • Contributes toward weight gain
  • Affects your sleep pattern as the stomach will be busy in digestion
  • Eating late at night leads to overeating.
  • Eating late at night may be a cause of yours skipping breakfast.
  • Heartburn and indigestion

23) Food as a food: avoid emotional eating

Eating is necessary for your well-being. There are absolutely no doubts about it. The problem, however, is that people start eating not for satisfying needs of the body, but to make their selves happy with their favorite food. This may come as a reward, stress reliever and so and so. The fact is emotional eating worsens your situation.

  • It does not relieve your stress at all; the problem would be there and at the same time contributes to bad health.
  • Feeling of guilt later on due to loss of control over your emotional eating
  • Poor self-esteem
  • Weight gain

24) Exclude junk food from your diet

Junk Food is our favorite in taste but with much more calories. Lack of fibers and nutrients make junks less nutritional and, therefore, non-healthy.

  • Sodium present in junk food leads to more chances of stroke (10)
  • Weight gain and acne problems
  • Sugary diet leads to tooth decay and cavities
  • High blood pressure and cancer and kidney problems
  • Junk food is rich in tran’s fat and that causes damage to functioning of liver and brain

25) Count your calories: Be your trainer

Counting calories intake is one of the best weight loss strategies to follow. Count your calories and compare it to number of calories you actually need as an individual. The difference of the two makes you adapt to a healthy eating routine.

  • You are more aware of what you are actually eating. The log will help you to be better aware of your hidden eating habits
  • In this way, you will take responsibility for yourself, which is the very first step toward success
  • Reduce signs of aging
  • Chances to get fewer common diseases associated with higher calories will be less
  • Weight loss management

26) Have smoothies

Smoothies extract juice from the fruit along with the pulp and fiber. It is a good source of all the necessary nutrients and vitamins at one place.

  • Diet smoothies help to shed weight as they contain pulp too
  • Fresh radiant skin and healthy hair
  • Smoothies keep you hydrated
  • Fibers help in digestion, avoid constipation and aids in the digestive process
  • Right fuel for energy

27) Chewing gum is a good solution for you

Chewing gum is all time favorite for youngsters and kids. It is an inexpensive alternative to high-calorie snacks. No one knows that it has health benefits too:

  • Improves memory and focus and reduces stress
  • Chewing gum increases rate of metabolism, manage weight and overall health
  • Improves oral health, whitens teeth by removing stains and reduce plaque
  • The Japanese research simple act of chewing activates 8 areas of the brain
  • Motion due to chewing gums activates specialized areas of the brain which reduces appetite

28) Avoid shopping while hungry

Shopping has become a solo activity now a day. People shop and enjoy well. Scientists recommend that you should avoid shopping if you are hungry. Studies have shown that hungry shoppers tend to buy more calories and make more unhealthy food choices. The final result is same; you neglect the recommended intake of calories. Temptations increases as we see food and if we have plenty of choices available at superstore, then there is absolutely no barrier at all.

29) Sit down for eating

Sitting while eating is recommended by health scientist. Studies have shown that eating while you are sitting helps you to intake less food and, therefore, fewer calories.

  • You chew slowly most of the times when you are sitting
  • Studies have shown that it reduces the chances of getting arthritis
  • Sitting may concentrate your digestive juices in the stomach. This leads to easy digestion of food.
  • Reduces pain in the lower region of the body
  • Standing is a stress position of the body. Stress is directly associated with a decline in metabolism and therefore weight gain

30) Always carry a water bottle with you

It is not possible for all of us to purposely go to the water tank for drinking water- all thanks to busy routine. Carrying a water bottle with you is a healthy choice. It keeps you alert to drink water more frequently than before. Drinking approximately 8 glasses of water a day is necessary for all of us.

Actually, as a matter of fact, we become thirsty, but we try to look down on getting hydrated. If you have a bottle near you, you will prefer to have water rather than to inhibit your healthy need. Water is used to flush out toxins from the human body and helps in weight loss.

31) Make variations in your menu

Nature has variety in it and has offered choices for us. From vegetables and fruits to nuts and pulses, it has given us variety of options. Different food items have a unique combination of nutrients in them. The key is to have a balanced diet for you. Balanced diet demands variety of all classes of foods and rewards us with better health.

  • Disease, fatigue and infection would be far away from you.
  • Happier mind is a gift of balanced, healthy life choices
  • Healthy choice in meal gives you a health in a controlled weight range
  • Age better and gracefully

32) Eat small, eat often

Carbohydrates are the major energy source for the body. They are converted into glucose for energy. If we eat bigger portions of meals all at once, our blood sugar level rise and our pancreas start releasing insulin to move that glucose to body cells. More sugar level leads to more insulin production. This leads to low blood sugar level. The brain now signals the body to eat more and that can cause to eating more calories than needed.

• Keeps your calories counting regulated and in control

• Metabolism will stay regulated

• Research shows you will eat different things and, therefore, types of nutrients

33) Close your kitchen after dinner

Kitchen and refrigerator are places where our cravings are satisfied. Food is a vital part of human life. We get calories and burning those supplies us with energy. You can visit your kitchen during daytime for some 5-6 small chunks of meal, but it is better to stay away from the kitchen at night. The reason is simple enough. Don’t eat late at night.

Eating late at night may be a motivation to eat more and then skip breakfast early in the morning. We mostly have small chunks for lunch and now we are damn hungry. All these habits contribute to more weight gain.

34) Pick healthy food at restaurants

Restaurants and fast foods are nowadays in trend for youngsters and families to dine. People do it as a fun activity and end up with consuming more calories. For a healthy being, we just need to cut short this habit.

  • At restaurants, don’t ruin the nutritional value of food for crispy or sugary taste. You will get a bunch of calories and will make more unhealthy choices
  • Spices, extra oil used in frying, colas and sodas, and junk food badly affect your health and give you less benefit than you expect.
  • Consider healthy choices of food like salads, steamed meat, less spicy food

35) Sometimes, say “No Thanks” to eating

Eating is good, no doubts on it. We need to eat to fulfill our responsibilities. However, saying “No Thanks” to eating is equally good at times. We all have a food pusher in our circle, who wants us to eat more and more. The thing is you are better aware of your eating routine. If you have taken enough calories and your stomach seems not asking for something more. This is just the right time to say “No thanks “.
  • It really helps to avoid extra calories
  • You will control your desires; it will enhance your self-esteem
  • The associated benefits of keeping your diet in control will come along the way

36) Nutrient rich food can make you slimmer

Healthy food choices make you feel more energetic as well as healthier than ever. We need nutrients, not junks of calories. Nutrients are needed to perform vital functions of the body and nature knows this very well. Nature gifted food choices have enough nutrients.

  • Nutrient rich foods along with fibers keep stomach well and stable
  • Lesser risk of heart attack, diabetes and cancer
  • Calcium is beneficial for bones and teeth healthy
  • Vitamin D is needed for healthier bones. The choice you make will give you the results you desire
  • Healthy fats are necessary for hormone production and cushioning vital organs

Moderation is, however, the key ...

37) Believe in balancing your food choice

Health is a stable mental and physical state of body. Healthy eating is not dieting at all. Even it’s not about limiting your food choices. You have to choose wisely and that’s it. We all need carbohydrates to get energy, but we have to choose what type of carbohydrate is better?

  • Eating sweets at times is fine, but you must learn to exercise as well and not eating sugary food a habit
  • Cooking with healthy oils is a better practice
  • To balance our food choices will make us healthy and active
  • Meat is good, but prefer white meat rather than red
  • Cheese and milk in moderation are not bad.

38) Figure out the fats in your diet

In the past, all fats were considered unhealthy. Not now, we have a clear differentiation between good fats and bad fats. Good fats are good for the heart and other organs of the body. It can improve cholesterol level in blood, stabilize heart beats, ease inflammation, etc. Unsaturated fats, on the other hand, are predominantly found in foods from plants, such as vegetable oils, nuts, and seeds and are liquid.

  • Fats provide energy
  • Fats are necessary for brain and healthy body
  • Fats cushions vital organs of the body, but only in appropriate amount
  • Hormones in the body contain fats
  • Keep skin soft

39) Don’t forget to sip green tea

Green tea is one of the healthiest beverages on the globe. Loaded with many bioactive compounds, it brings tremendous health benefits to us. As it contains a small amount of caffeine, which acts as a brain stimulant, improves memory, mood and concentration.

  • Green tea actively boosts metabolism rate and, therefore, increases the fat burning process
  • Antioxidants are related to reducing the risk of various cancers like breast cancer and prostate cancer
  • It tends to reduce the risk of both common neurodegenerative diseases, Alzheimer’s (12) and Parkinson’s (13).
  • Green tea improves insulin sensitivity and reduces the risk of type-2 diabetes
  • Lowers risk of cardiovascular diseases.

40) Plan for snacks

We all love to have snacks. They are yummy to taste, but not good for health. Does it mean we cut down them from our food, all in all? No, planning for snacks can fit best in your weight loss plan.

The key to selecting snacks is to choose snacks that fulfill your energy needs and satisfy hunger at the same time. Snacks who are a high source of energy, but don’t contain any fiber are bad for health. Fruits, vegetables, bunch of whole grains or nuts and low-fat dairy products can be your choice all the time. Even we can choose from other snacks too, but we need to make them as much nutrition as possible. The internet is the best source for healthy recipes.

41) Don’t let yourself over hungry

Hunger is quite normal for us all. It is a physical sign that your body needs energy. There is no harm in it. The idea is that we must be well aware of our eating and hunger patterns. Staying hungry for longer duration makes us overeat. Eating more than desired at that time is not for the sake of satisfying hunger but it’s like rewarding yourself. Overeating is not desired at all. It makes your stomach full and heavy to feel. It's better to eat small meals after 4-5 hours to fulfill your body energy needs.

42) Discourage eating while watching TV

Our lives have become digitalized now a day. We spend too much time watching TV or focusing on our smartphones. This is not a healthy approach while eating. Studies have shown that people who eat during watching TV, eat more than they actually need. In actuality, before we realize that we are eating more, we have already taken much. A packet of chips or soda can seem quite normal in front of the TV. Advertising agencies portray even Junks as healthy, and this may impact a significant impact on our mind at that moment and we tend to eat more calories.

43) Add more colors to your meal

Go natural and add more colors to your daily food intake. Green vegetables, broccoli, carrots, kale, fresh fruits are just awesome. Each colored food adds different sets of nutrients and Therefore, fulfill body needs well. For example, orange colored fruits have vitamin C in them, green has carotenoids, red color include heart-healthy compounds, blue and purple colored natural food are quite beneficial in boosting memory and brain health, Yellow and green are good for eyes. Colored foods not only make your serving look better, but also fulfill energy and nutrient needs. Health scientists recommend to not relying on some specific types of food in your routine. Add a variety and enjoy it.

44) Sun and vitamin D

Our lives are now busier than ever before. We spend very little time under the sun. People relate sun exposure to more risk of skin cancer and premature aging. This is somehow true, when exposed to sunlight’s for longer durations. Moderation is recommended.

  • Sun exposure boosts vitamin D supply in the body. Regular sun exposure to kids gives them better health and stronger bones
  • Sun exposure increases number of white blood cells in the body, which leads to better immune system
  • Sun rays lower blood pressure in individuals suffering from high blood pressure
  • Sunlight converts high cholesterol to steroid hormones and sex hormones, which otherwise would have been stored as cholesterol.

45) Go for unrefined sugar

Some people crave for sugary foods. They love to have it more often than others. As a matter of fact, restricting someone to avoid sugar will make them desire more. Better to seek for healthy options and enjoy life. It contains certain minerals and nutrients, not present in white or normal brown sugar. It has some natural compounds in it like Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Iron and Potassium. The good news is, it's also has not any other compounds added to it in the name of processing. It offers the same taste after baking and cooking, it’s another added advantage.

46) Say no to more salt

Salt is an integral healthy component of food. Its unique taste has no substitute at all. However, there is also another side of the picture. Eating too much salt adversely affects your health. Blood pressure is one of the consequences. Try to limit intake of sodium to one teaspoon daily. High blood pressure, kidney disorder, hypertension and upset the natural fluid balance in the body. In a true sense, salt is not as much bad when taken in normal. Salt is also used in the processing of food. Salt in processed food contributes to more intake than other common sources.

47) Honey is also a good choice for you

Honey is no doubt an excellent natural sweetener with nutrient full packaging. It contains approximately 70 to 80 percent of sugar along with other nutrients. 

  • Reduces risk of cancer, heart diseases, cough and throat infection (14)
  • Lowers risk of gastrointestinal problems like ulcers, acid reflux
  • A good source of energy for athletes
  • A good combination of fructose and glucose in honey regulate blood sugar level and boost memory

48) Vitamins from food, not through supplements

Natural food has no substitute. It’s better to meet your nutritional needs through nature, not from pills. Pills can be a source of supplement in some ailment. It’s a choice to take multivitamin supplements, but you shouldn’t make it a habit. Antioxidants and vitamins are present in differing combinations naturally. The varying nature of compounds enhances their effect for health. A supplement is unable to complete it. Nature provides synergy in food, which is beneficial to meet human needs naturally. Supplements can be used under a doctor’s prescription, but only when the body is unable to meet the nutritional challenge by natural means.

49) Cut down animal fats

Saturated fats are not good for humans. They should be avoided for a better health. Animal fats are mostly saturated in nature.

  • Carnitine is present in red meat, which is linked to arteries clogging
  • Shorter life span
  • E-Coli is not uncommon in cattle, this bacteria adversely affect the health by causing abdominal cramps, dehydration and renal failure
  • Eating red meat over time increases the risk of type 2 diabetes and may cause Alzheimer’s disease
  • Cattle are fed with growth hormones, which may cause cancer

50) Eat what our grandparents used to eat

Our grandparents used to eat lots of seasonal foods and they did not add any chemical spices or artificial sweeteners in their food. Sometimes having just potatotes or buckwheat might be the best thing we could do for our health. Also, eat foods which do not upset your stomach. If something upsets your stomach it is probably not good for you and it should be avoided.

Fitness and hydration

Fitness and hydration

1) Drinkg water

Water is the basic necessity for life. Without water, life on earth won’t be possible. Therefore, it is necessary that every person keeps himself properly hydrated by drinking water. According to research, drinking 8 glasses of water daily is necessary and beneficial for health. It is required by our cells and makes up environment around them as well. Many vital chemical reactions take place in our body by the help of water. On contrary, dehydration causes damage to our body. Cells become weak, reactions slow down and person becomes lethargic and ill looking. According to a study, a person may survive for many days without food but will die much quicker without water. Therefore,, keeping water content of our body normal is really important, and drinking water is the best source to do that as it provides direct and quick hydration.

2) Do exercise daily

Doing physical activity in form of exercise is really necessary in this era of busy and stagnant lifestyle. It is required by our body not only to keep functioning normally, but to improve as well. Doing exercise daily improves our body’s blood flow. Heart becomes more efficient, stronger and stable. It is less prone to fatigue and heart diseases. Our body muscles also become stronger and more efficient and their size increases too. Exercise helps burn extra calories in our body present in the form of fats. Therefore, it helps us to become slimmer and smarter. On the other hand, if a person does not exercise daily and continues with sedentary lifestyle, he will not only lose his body fitness, but may also develop serious heart and other pathological diseases. Muscles will go through atrophy, fats will accumulate and blood flow will become less efficient and effective. That is why doing exercise daily is a must for a healthy lifestyle.

3) Drink fresh fruit juices

Fresh fruits are full of healthy nutrients, vitamins, fibres and as well as lots of water. Therefore, drinking fresh fruit juices not only provides us with good nutrients but also helps to meet our body’s hydration requirements. It is a good and natural way to become healthier. Fruits like apples, oranges, grapes, pomegranate etc. naturally have high water content and when their juice is prepared, the water content automatically increases in percentage. When consumed in moderation this water content is absorbed along with other nutrients and helps to hydrate our body cells, improving their function. It also helps to speed up digestion as well as many vital chemical reactions going on in the body. Therefore, taking a glass of orange or apple juice once in morning or with meal won’t be a bad idea.

4) Take a bath daily

Taking a bath in clean water is meant for cleanliness of our body, but it does much more than just that. Our skin is made up of a large number of glands and dead cells. Over passage of time, their secretions and remnants of dead cells accumulate and make our body smell. When a person takes shower not only his skin is cleaned off from all such debris, but also water helps to hydrate our skin and body. During warmer season or in warm climates, such as deserts, it is a great source of lowering down body temperature and prevent loss of water. It helps to conserve water content of the body, which may be lost to excessive heat and sweating. Therefore, taking a bath daily will not only make you look healthier, but indeed makes you healthier.

5) Cover yourself properly in warm weather

Summer is a pleasant weather in many cold countries but that is not the case with the regions near equator. Temperature in deserts like Sahara may reach as high as 47 degrees Celsius. It affects life on such places adversely and water not only dries up on land but also gets evaporated from the human body. This is one of the reasons why deserts with no water are least inhabited place on earth. For people living in warm areas around summer one way to counter its effects is through covering the body properly with a light cloth. Mostly it is traditional at such places to wear caps or take turbans over head along with lightweight clothing. Such interventions help to reduce direct sunlight exposure and its drying effect on human body. Water availability may differ in different places but covering oneself properly is one of the effective ways to prevent water loss and dehydration in summer.

6) Go for swimming once in a while

Swimming is an enjoyable exercise. It is a great source of physical activity as it requires a lots of muscles performing in a sequence. It helps a lot in enhancing body shape and fitness of a person. And as a bonus to that, going for swimming in summers is a great way to lower down the temperature of the body and remain protected from excessive heat and dehydration during the day. But one should make sure that pool as well as water in it are clean and free of germs. One way is to chlorinate the pool water and replace water regularly.

7) Play football

Football was invented by European soldiers and from there it grew popular. And now it is one of the most favorite sports all around the world. And it is no surprise because not only it is highly recreational but also quite physical. A footballer enjoys his physique as much as the game. It is a thorough exercise stretching almost every muscle of the player in the form of running, throwing, diving, kicking and jumping. Playing football daily helps to burn extra body fats, increase muscle strength and size, and increase overall stamina of a person.

8) Take part in sports

Whether you are a busy businessman or free student there are always some kind of sports going on around you. It may be a football tournament of your colleagues or a cricket match between your neighbors. These kind of things provide an excellent opportunity to get out of the busy routine or unhealthy stagnant lifestyle. So, do take advantage of it and take part actively in such sports. You may not be good in it but making it your routine in your free time daily will help you improve steadily as well as make you smarter and healthier. However, it takes a lot of courage and determination. And once you have done it you will not be willing to leave it after seeing the better and fitter you.

9) Do jogging in the morning

A sound body has a sound mind so in order to maintain our health we should take exercise daily. Jogging is one of the best and easiest exercises out there. It regulates our blood pressure and makes our bones and muscles strong. Stamina and work power also increase. When a person wakes up in the morning and goes for jogging, it not only helps in form of exercise but also freshens the mind. And later, whole of the day will feel better. It’s good for your health and also for making routine better. Therefore, if you want to be punctual as well as healthier you should make early morning jogging your habit.

10) Practice yoga

Yoga is an ancient form of exercise and meditation. It was practiced first in era of Buddhism. Later it gained popularity so much that now it is practiced in many parts of the world even after thousands of years. And this popularity is not without reason. It has proved to be very beneficial and helpful for the human body and its development. Practicing yoga relaxes body and mind. It produces harmony in the different body parts and their functions. Thus, person performs more efficiently. During this era of busy stressful life one must take some time out and perform yoga so that his body receives the relaxation and care it needs and deserves.

11) Drink milk

It is said that milk is a complete diet and it is said rightly so. It contains almost all portions of a human diet in a very good balance and water is one of them. Milk contains 87% water along with other components like fats, proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates and minerals. It provides nutrition, energy, as well as hydration to the human body. A glass of good quality milk during day or night replenishes not only nutritional energy but also hydrates the person. So milk is very helpful when person is hungry as well as thirsty, such as after office work or sports activity. Therefore, whether the requirement is hunger or its thirst, milk helps to fulfil both.

12) Use sweet products in moderation

Sweet products may sound attractive and appetizing but that’s just it. There is no benefit associated with them, instead due to harm caused by them, all medical personnel advice to use them in moderation. Most of such edibles are made using sucrose, a natural carbohydrate sweetener, and it is one of the major cause of diabetes mellitus all over the world. Therefore, such products instead of giving your body nutrition, are poisoning you and cause a major threat to your body hydration and fitness. They decrease amount of total water in your body and use it for chemical reactions required to convert sucrose into glucose, a usable sugar by the body. Therefore, one must not overuse sweet products or excessive carbohydrates as it may reduce total body water content.

13) Exercise with caution

While daily moderate amount of exercise makes you healthy and smart, on the other hand it may prove to be hazardous if you are overdoing it or doing it improperly. There is a good chance that if you do not do physical activities within its rules and safety limits, you will get injured. Any heavy sports activity may result in muscle tear and sprain. Any exercise performed incorrectly may result in overstretching and may damage to muscles and tendons. Therefore, one should make sure that exercise is done in correct way and proper safety measures should be taken.

14) Do physical activities within your body limits

Everybody has a limit to which he or she can perform any activity. All humans are made different. That is why a work a person can perform for hours is tiresome within minutes to another person. So is the case with exercise and sports activity. Different people have different stamina and strength and although it can be increased with time and practice, but there is a natural limit to it too. And it is very important that person obeys that limit because when we cross it, we have to bear consequences in the form of injury or disease. Therefore, we should perform our physical activities within the limits our body allows. All the benefits they carry are within that limit.

15) Do not keep awake late at night

Waking up late at night is not considered a good thing in most of our societies. The logic behind it is that it not only disturbs our routine but also damages our health. Doing so uses up many important chemicals in our brain and person becomes lethargic and lazy. Memory and learning abilities also decrease. Natural sleep wake cycle of human body is disturbed and so is the rest of the routine including timings of the meals. According to research, people who stay up late night are more prone to becoming fat because it increases appetite. Therefore one should be very careful about his routine and should sleep on time so his body takes proper rest.

16) Drink proper amount of water with every meal

Our body requires energy to keep working which is provided by the food we eat. But that food is of no use if we do not drink proper amount of water with it. Without water food cannot be digested and processed properly by our body. It is required in softening and lubrication of food too so it can pass easily through our digestive system. And as the digestion takes place, water is used up in the chemical reactions. If a person does not take water with his meals, he will become dehydrated. So in order to keep our water levels to optimum we should drink water along with the food we eat.

17) Keep a bottle of water or juice during work or sports with you

Life of every person now a days is busy and stressful. It takes a lot of power to cope with the challenges put forth in every persons work life. All this uses up our body resources and important one of them is water. Drinking water once in a while during work time replenishes our energy and hydration. It also helps to relax our mind. Another such situation of water and nutrient usage is during any sports activity. According to a research, water loss, through sweating only, in a person playing football is more than 1.5 liters. And drinking water during break in such physical activities is really important and helpful. Therefore, a person should keep a bottle with him or her during the office time as well as while playing or doing exercise.

18) Take less sugar in beverages

Sugar is a natural sweetener made up of sucrose, a disaccharide. It is made up of two simpler mono saccharides called glucose and fructose. Sucrose is broken down in our body to form these two subunits, which are eventually used to form energy and other biochemicals. While it may sound it is good and beneficial, but in reality taking more sugar harms our body instead of benefiting it. Not only it causes diabetes mellitus but it also uses up our body water content in order to get digested. It may result in dehydration and severe thirst. A person, therefore, should be very careful while taking sugar and its use should be minimized in our daily beverages.

19) Go to gym regularly

Everybody knows that exercise is good for them and they should do it. And everyone wants to look fit and smart as well. But the problem we mostly face is time management and proper guidance. That is why there are a lot of gyms all around. These are the places, where through proper guidance and availability of proper equipment, a person can start and maintain healthy lifestyle. Gyms offer many facilities and options now a days and it’s not a place for bodybuilders only anymore. If you cannot manage your time or physical activity or exercise may be its time that you should opt for joining a nearby gym.

20) See your physician regularly

Number of diseases are being discovered as the time passes. And one of the reason that their list is still increasing is because a lot of them do not show up their symptoms clearly. And there are a number of diseases, which if even present, person feels healthy and carries on his normal life until irreversible complications develop in the late course of the disease. So the question arises, how can one feel healthy and be sure about it. The answer is that by going through routine medical checkup by your physician. It may cost a little time and money to go the doctor once in a while, but it’s far less than damage caused by disease in late phase. Early diagnosis and treatment is best way to remain fit and healthy with confidence.

21) Watch less TV

Despite being a source of entertainment, watching TV is still not a healthy activity in longer run. Spending too much time watching TV affects health in many ways. Our eyes are affected by constant brightness and close distance to the TV. It causes laziness and lack of physical activity causes muscle weakness and atrophy. People are prone to eating more junk food while watching TV, which causes weight gain. All these conditions culminate and may result in serious medical and health related problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus and even heart attack. In order to remain safe from diseases and physically fit, one must minimize the time spent watching TV.

22) Avoid physical activity during fasts

People keep fast in most parts of the world for religious, diet related, medical, and economical reasons. It requires a person to forbid eating and drinking for a specified amount of time. During this time body uses its natural reserved resources to produce energy. Along with the nutrients it uses, water is also used and at the end of the fast person is usually dehydrated. Observing fast is a stressful condition and one must not add to the pressure on the body by performing any physical or heavy muscular activity during this time. It may result in severe dehydration and person may become unconscious or go into heat stroke or coma even. So, to keep hydration level least affected and maximally near normal we should avoid physical activity during fasts.

23) Avoid dieting

Now a days it is almost a fashion to diet in order to reduce weight and become slim. But in reality it does more harm than good. It causes severe dehydration and malnutrition. Muscle proteins are used up and it causes their atrophy. The person becomes weak and ill looking instead of looking smart. That is why doctors always advise a balanced diet over dieting. Eating in moderation and as guided not only helps to reduce weight, but it also makes you look beautiful. It also helps to keep body properly hydrated which is the key to look smart and fit.

24) Drink clean and filtered water

Water covers 70% of our Earth’s surface but yet availability of drinking water is a concern. It is because in most places it is not clean and suitable for drinking. Drinking such water causes many diseases as it contains pathogenic organisms and person still may remain dehydrated if the salt content of the water is high. It causes dental problems such as caries too. Therefore, proper processing of the water before drinking is very important. It should be filtered and cleaned thoroughly before drinking. A water suitable for drinking is one which contains no microorganisms, turbidity, smell, taste and has no excessive or toxic minerals.

25) Do not drink from open water sources

Water is the necessity of life and it is present all around us in the form of ponds, lakes, rivers, seas etc. But still, most of these open water sources are not suitable for drinking. Water in such open places contains dangerous microorganisms and may contain toxic waste materials coming from the waste disposal of a factory or soil underneath it may be poisoning it. So, it’s never a good option to use water directly from an open source. You must make sure that water coming from open water sources is boiled and filtered properly before drinking. Otherwise we might end up dehydrated instead, due to cholera or diarrhea caused by it.

26) Use clean water pots for drinking

One major concern in houses where water supply is clean, is that clean water pots are not available. Usually water glasses are left in the open and reused by the family members before making sure those are clean. Flies and other insects may crawl into the pots and may infect or pollute them. Using these for drinking water will not only result in diseases but also dehydration. It is because such diseases normally cause diarrhea and vomiting. These two things are associated with the severe water loss. So in order to maintain healthy hydrated lifestyle one must clean water pots before use.

27) Change your water filter regularly

Water filtering is considered an essential part of making the water usable for drinking and water filters have made this word easy. But most of us forget to change the filters regularly. If the filters are not changed at appropriate time, these can be even more harmful than unfiltered water. The reason lies in the filters itself, which is full of toxic chemicals and harmful substances injurious for health. The appropriate time for changing the filter is about having 40 gallons of water filtered through it or after 2 months. The users of hard water should change their filters even earlier as hard water contains many minerals not good for health. Freshly filtered water is the basic need of healthy life and proper hydration.

28) Clean your water bottle etc. before storing water

Cleaning the bottles for storage of water is very important in order to maintain proper water hygiene. First of all, always use sealed commercial water storage bottles. At domestic level, clean the bottle (or any water reservoir) with dishwashing soap and rinse it with clean water. Then sanitize the container by adding a solution of household chlorine bleach in water. Close the bottle and shake it well so the bleaching solution touches all the inside surfaces. Wait for few seconds and then pour out all the solution. Rinse the container with clean safe water and let it dry. This is the proper way of storing water in a bottle or a container. Do not use water bottles that are not sealed properly or those that have ever been used for toxic materials or liquids. Breakable water bottles should also be avoided.

29) Keep your water supply lines clean

Water supply lines are the pathway through which we are able to use the water for our domestic use. These pipelines should be regularly checked for any possible leakage, damage or any mixing with other polluted sources. Rusting of the pipelines is a major cause of many types of poisoning. This rusting can also be the cause of cancer of colon and stomach, apart from the infectious diseases it may spread. Valves of the lines should also be checked after regular intervals. Appropriate material should be used for the construction of pipelines.

30) Do not let drinking and waste water mix together

Although one might have set up proper drinking water supply and be confident that his family is safe but due to damage over time or technical fault there may be mixing of the incoming water supply lines with the outgoing waste water pipeline. This causes serious health concerns. Not only is this water unsafe for drinking, but also for other domestic purposes. It causes several diseases and worm infestations as well. Waste water also contains rotting matter that imparts a bad taste, color, and odor. Such condition renders whole water supply unsafe for use and should be repaired immediately.

31) Keep account of your daily water usage

A person despite knowing the importance of water and taking care regarding its usage may still be falling short on his body water requirement. It may happen because person might be thinking that he is taking enough water in small amounts now and then but as a whole that quantity is less than required. A person may also be mistaken by taking large quantity of water spontaneously like a glass after meal only, but due to decreased number of times water is taken, he or she may be suffering from dehydration. Such mistakes can be eradicated by keeping an account of total daily water usage by the person himself. Normally 8 glasses of water daily is considered sufficient for proper hydration and health.

32) Avoid drinking water with odd smell or color

Sometimes water may seem normal on drinking and look clean as well but on closer inspection it may have some strange offensive odor or color. This is probably because of some microorganism growth within the water or presence of some toxic material. Therefore, it is best not to drink such water because it may relieve your thirst for the time being but later it will cause dehydration instead because of diarrhea or vomiting caused by its use. So, make sure before drinking that not only water tastes good but also is colorless and odorless. Otherwise it’s not worth drinking.

33) Do not store water for longer periods of time

Water is a life giving fluid. And it’s literally true as if it is stored for some time period and not used, microorganisms tend to grow in it. These include bacteria, algae, fungi, amoeba, and other parasites etc. Almost all of these are dangerous for human beings and cause diseases. Even if not directly harmful, these organisms destroy drinking quality of water by changing its chemical composition and adding harmful toxic materials to it. So, you should be really careful about water storage and usage of stored water. According to research, opened water bottle only remains usable for about 2 to 3 hours. If you want to increase time period of storage it should be closed properly and refrigerated.

34) Get massage for muscle relaxation

Massage is usually considered a luxury in many parts of the world however it’s much more than that. Chinese massage techniques, electrical massage, vibratory and infrared massage chairs are some examples of various massage therapies now available. Massage helps to relax body and mind and relieves tension. This aspect is used medically for treating muscle cramps and sprains. It has proved to be highly beneficial in restoring muscle functionality and, therefore, overall fitness of the body. Therefore, one good option for body fitness is to go for massage after heavy workout for relaxing and soothing effect.

35) Visit physiotherapist for any muscle or joint problem after exercise

Despite taking adequate care and caution during exercise, a person may injure his or her muscles or joints following a small mistake. Most of such unavoidable accidents are usually curable and person recovers in a few days. But professional guidance and help is important because recovery may result in altered function or improper restoring and some injuries do not correct on their own. A person should consult physiotherapist in such case or after any kind of injury or problem after or during exercise. Professional physiotherapists offer best and most advanced solutions to the exercise and fitness related problems.

36) Do bodybuilding under supervision of gym trainer

Bodybuilders look quite handsome and attractive to most people and inspire them to build themselves too. But such heavy and stressful activity should not be done on your own and professional help should be taken. Otherwise it may result in a number of bodybuilding related complications such as body shape abnormality, dissimilarity between sides, or becoming overweight etc. Even people try using just their own knowledge or different advertised products but most of the times it does more harm than good. So, it’s always a wise idea to hire a gym trainer before bodybuilding, for help.

37) Do not keep playing after fatigue or any injury

Fatigue in a muscle occurs when it has passed its natural limit and oxygen and energy products are not as much as there is demand. Therefore, lactic acid forms in the muscle causing it to fatigue and ache. It is a natural way of the body to signal that it’s time to stop and rest. So, it should be clear that one must not exert more after his muscle has already fatigued. In such scenarios, if you’re exercising one muscle group then shift to some other muscle and if playing then take a break. Otherwise it will result in more damage to the muscle and they can tear as well.

38) Drink lots of water before fasting

Observing fast- as is becoming very popular among people to lose weight- is very difficult and stressful for the body. It fires both hunger and thirst because of lack of nutrients and water respectively. Dehydration following fast in more dangerous than the lack of nutrients because body has normally enough reserved fats and proteins and carbohydrates but that is not the case with the water. So, in order to keep fast and take advantage of its health benefits one should prepare before keeping fast and drink lots of water so that there is no dehydration related problem along the way. It is then that keeping fast is actually beneficial.

39) Do not drink very cold or hot water

Hydration requires a person to drink proper amounts of water during whole day. It gives a lot of health benefits. But if the water itself is not suitable for drinking then the benefits turn into disadvantages. One such problem is drinking very hot or cold water. Very hot water is very dangerous as well, it may cause serious burns to the mouth and tongue and even stomach ulcers. On other hand, very cold water may cause brain freeze, serious toothache, headache and even blood clotting and bruising in the vessels. Therefore, one must wait long enough before drinking hot or cold water or beverages till they achieve acceptable temperature around that of human body.

40) Drink water slowly at intervals

A person needs 8 glasses of water daily normally but it is not required that he drinks all this water at once. You must drink water slowly and should divide its intake throughout the day. For example a person should take a glass of water in three divided sips and take a breath in between. It not only looks decent but also reduces the risk of aspiration, choking or accidentally drinking large amounts of unsuitable water or any other fluid. And also it is more absorbed and less wasted through frequent urination, or spilling during drinking.

41) Wash your face and exposed parts with water during summer

In summer season, there is a huge loss of body salts and fluids through profuse sweating. To replenish the body with excess of water, we should consume more water than usual through oral intake and frequent bathing. Those body parts that are more exposed to sunlight should be properly hydrated. Sun blocks should be used to avoid evaporation of the fluids from the skin. These should also be washed with water to prevent excess heat. Maintenance of the body water content is crucial for a healthy body and healthy mind.

42) Take a water break during exercise or sports

Sports and exercises are stressful activities. They require person to keep using his muscles and brain constantly, which use constant energy from the nutrients in the body as well as water. Also after some time, muscles become fatigued and require rest. A water break during these activities not only provides hydration, but also proper rest to the muscles. It helps to maintain body water level and prevent it from dropping to dangerous levels and refreshes the muscles in the body so they can work again effectively and efficiently. So, take full advantage of half time or drinks break during a match or a gym session.

43) Boil or filter water before drinking in wild or outdoor areas

Usually it is easy to use boiled and filtered water in our houses, but when it comes to outdoor or emergency situations, it is very hard to maintain proper hygiene. Portable water filters and water kettles come in handy in these situations. These should be mandatory especially in those areas where communicable diseases such as diarrhea, typhoid and dysentery are more prevalent. It should always be confirmed that water is devoid of animal and human feces. It is preferable to take commercially sealed bottles or gallons there if filtration and boiling cannot be arranged.

44) Warm up properly before every physical activity

Even though warming up before every game or exercise session may seem insignificant, it actually is not. It helps to set the heart for the activity ahead to pump faster just like warming up tires and engine of a car before race. Blood flow to the muscles increases and body temperature rises, accelerating the ongoing reactions in the body. However, if a person does not warm up and engages in the activity directly he is prone to having injury and damage to his body. Therefore, it is mandatory to warm up before every physical activity as it helps to achieve more physical fitness and other benefits.

45) Hack your fitness with supplements

Now a days, vitamin and energy giving supplements are widely used for the purpose of meeting our nutritional demands. Indeed, these are extremely helpful in order to avoid any nutritional deficiencies and to remain fit and healthy. Vitamin D and calcium supplements are very helpful in postmenopausal women because they’ve a greater tendency to develop bone and joint problems (15). Similarly, athletes and players use multivitamin and mineral supplements to add bulk to their muscle mass. Within a prescribed range, these supplements are beneficial. If taken in excess, these supplements can cause toxicities too.

46) Be cautious about the choice of supplement

Not all the supplements are made equal and that is the reason why everyone should take ones that are best for them. Different supplements contain different types of nutrients and minerals in them. They help to improve body fitness by supplying body with essential as well as required bio-chemicals such as vitamins, minerals, proteins etc. But it is decided by a professional mentor which bio-chemicals are deficient and required by the body. Taking supplements without prescription not only is dangerous but can also cause certain diseases or permanent health hazards. So be very careful and think twice before using supplements on your own.

47) Do cardio but not too much

Cardio exercises are those which can burn fat, reduce weight and improve health. There are many choices but best is the one which suits you. Cardio increases the heart rate into your target zone and you can achieve multiple goals with it. But beware of the increased physical and functional stress on your heart which can be quite damaging if you exceed the limit. This is like putting too much stress on your heart. So, always consult any physiotherapist and do the cardio under his monitoring in the prescribed way to achieve better health and fitness.

48) Combine cardio with weight training

Cardio exercises are helpful in improving body fitness by burning fat, stabilizing and achieving required heart rate. But their benefit is further increased when combined with the weight training exercises. Not only it helps improve your stamina it also gives your body perfect shape and balance. It reduces the risk of a number of diseases and also side effects of doing cardio only such as excessive weight loss or atrophy. So, whenever you opt for cardio exercises go for weight training as well in order to achieve maximum benefits. It surely is one of the most effective ways to perfect body health and fitness.

49) Bring variety in your exercise routine

Same routine brings about too much boredom. Changes are good sometimes and you can try different exercise routine once or twice a week. It not only keeps your interest in your daily job but it also enhances your capacity to do your work. Try rescheduling your exercise in morning or in the evening. To relax your body, one can also try morning walk in a very light way. To boost up your energy levels different cardio exercise should be done in combination with other exercises.

50) Take a good night sleep after workouts

While exercise is an important aspect for maintaining body fitness and strength, sleep is important to relax and prepare body for the next day’s workout. A normal human requires at least 8 hours of peaceful sleep daily. It helps restore essential bio-chemicals and prepares and relaxes brain and other organs for coming day. A good night sleep after the workout not only relaxes you but also repairs small damages to the muscles. And it is the time of sleep during which muscles are built and made larger rather than while in actual workout. One should consider taking a nap after his workout if he is aiming for better fitness and health.

Sleep and posture sign

Sleep & Posture

1) Get regular with sleep

If you want to improve your life then you need a good night sleep. To get a good night sleep, you should get regular with your sleep. What this means is that you should set a time and go to bed at the same time every day. The key here is to pick up a time in which you get the feeling of fatigue and tiredness, so that you don’t keep on changing postures again and again. Even on weekends, when people tend to stay awake during till late, don’t break your routine. Make small increments in time, if you want to change your bed time schedule.

2) Sleep when feeling sleepy

If you don’t feel sleepy, there is no need to force yourself. Trying different postures to force sleep will only give you stress. But the question is how much wait is too much? According to some experts, if you have changed your posture more than three times or looked at the ceiling for about three times, then it’s better do get out of bed and do something else. It’s no use to try to stay awake in bed. This will only cause you anxiety. If sleep doesn’t come naturally to you, do something else like read a book, sit on couch or listen to music.

3) Avoiding caffeine before bed time

Avoiding caffeine and nicotine 4-6 hours before bed is a good choice to make. Both of these are stimulants and interfere the sleep. Mostly, in over-the-counter medicines, like chocolate, coffee, iced and soda, caffeine is present. The main problem with caffeine is that it builds up all day inside the body. Remember that 2 cups or ice cream containing 500 mg of caffeine is too much. You might be surprised to hear but the truth is that caffeine stays in the body for almost 12 hours. If you can’t resist the temptation of taking coffee at dinner time, go for decaffeinated coffee.

4) Avoid alcohol before bed time

Just like caffeine and nicotine, you should stay away from alcohol, close to bed time. Some people believe that because alcohol gives a relaxing feeling, therefore it should be taken to facilitate sleep. However, this isn’t true. What you need to understand is that alcohol creates difficulty in sleeping. Although it is true that large doses of alcohol can make you sleep at once, but it isn’t a quality sleep. Sleeping with alcohol use is also dangerous because you won’t be able to sleep once you are on your normal routine. So it’s best to avoid alcohol for 4-6 hours before sleep.

5) Make bed only for sleeping

Avoid using bed for anything other than sleeping and sex. You should never use mobile phone in bed (16). You shouldn’t also watch TV in bed. Don’t toss and turn again and again in bed. Also don’t use the bed for working. The reason behind this is that reserving the bed for anything other than sleep and sex tells the mind that bed is for things other than sleep. A Norwegian study was conducted to find the effect of media on sleep. The study showed that people who get the least sleep are heavy new media users.

6) Don’t take naps during day time

Avoid taking naps during day time. If you take nap during day time, you won’t feel tired and motivated enough to sleep at night. There are a number of things which you can do in order to avoid day time sleepiness. You should make sure that you get an appropriate sleep the night before. An appropriate sleep for adults is at least 7 or 8 hours. Also to avoid naps, get up at the same time every day. Don’t get up too early or too late. If you still feel sleepy during day time, take a nap but make sure that it isn’t more than an hour.

7) Develop sleep rituals

If you want to improve your life quality, you should develop sleep rituals at night to get good sleep. A sleep ritual is any habit which you adopt to get good time sleep. It takes consistency to convert a habit into a sleep ritual. Now there are a number of sleep rituals which you can adopt to enjoy a good night sleep. Stretching the legs is a sleep ritual adopted by some people. Another sleep ritual can be having a caffeine-free coffee. There are also some visualization techniques which you can opt for to get a good night sleep.

8) Don’t watch clock over and over again

When most people can’t sleep, they keep on watching the clock over and over again. You can get awake when you watch the clock often. Also watching the clock over and over again, can give you negative thoughts like “why isn’t sleep coming?” or “what’s the matter with me lately?” Experts have the view that watching the clock ruins your night as it gives you feeling of arousal. Also avoid watching clock if you wake midway during your sleep. Hide it somewhere from where you can’t see the time. When you get up, don’t see time. Just go to sleep again.

9) Bath before sleeping

Taking a bath about one to hours before sleep can be quite helpful for you. What bathing does is that it raises the body temperature for some time, after which there is a sudden drop in temperature. A study conducted in 1997 showed that approximately two hours before sleep, the body temperature of a person starts decreasing and keeps on decreasing till 5 a.m. in the morning. When you bath, your body temperature drops which relaxes you and make you sleep. So taking a bath for about 20 to 30 minutes, before bed is quite beneficial for you.

10) Exercise for sleeping

A tip to enjoy a good night sleep is exercising on regular basis. Different researches have shown that doing exercises improves the quality of sleep (17). You don’t have to exercise like Hulk, to get the benefits. About 20 to 30 minutes of light exercises every day is quite beneficial for you. Try different kind of exercises during that period like bicycle ride, swimming, jogging, push-ups. There is just one thing that you need to be careful about and it is that don’t do any heavy exercise for about 2 hours before sleep. Go for some light exercises like yoga.

11) Keep a sleep diary

Keeping a sleep diary is very helpful for you. Through a sleep diary, you can know a number of aspects about your sleep. If you have some kind of sleeping disorder, a sleep diary can help in the treatment and diagnosis. You can make a worksheet which tells you gives you some information about your sleep. Make a chart and include it in the time you get up and sleep every day; how much do you sleep before waking up; how often do you wake up during the night and write about the medications or drugs you take to make yourself sleep.

12) Eat good food before sleep

The food we eat affects our sleep. There are some good and some bad foods for sleep. A good food to consider eating before sleep is cherries. It contains melatonin in it, a chemical which triggers the body’s internal clock and thus helps in sleep. Eating low fat diary foods like eggs and turkey is also beneficial for sleep. You should also eat foods which are high in magnesium content, like avocados and leafy greens. According to one study, magnesium has positive effects on sleep (18). The foods which y/ou need to avoid at all costs are alcohol and high fat foods.

13) Don’t sleep during day time

If you want a good night sleep, you should avoid sleeping during day time at all costs. But it is easier said than done. Some people have a habit of sleeping during day and it’s just like an addiction to them. To avoid sleeping during day time, there are a number of things you need to do.Eat some food to keep yourself awake. You can also chew a gum to keep yourself active. Different breathing exercises can also be helpful for you. And the most important thing is that you should get a good night sleep a day before.

14) Right space for sleeping

Sleep is affected by the place where you sleep. You can’t sleep in a noisy room, full of people. You should make sure that your bed is quite quiet. Also make sure that the place where you sleep is neat and clean; it shouldn’t look like a mess. Make sure that the bed is quite soft and comfortable.Also make sure that the room where you sleep is cool and contains enough blankets to keep you warm. If you still can’t sleep, get an eye mask and put it on your eyes. Also, use earplugs to get rid of outside noises.

15) Be comfortable and relaxed before sleeping

If you want to enjoy a good night sleep, make sure that you are quite comfortable and relaxed before sleeping. There are different relaxation techniques which you can do to make yourself sleep. One such technique is progressive muscle relaxation. For this exercise, you should tense your muscles. Keep the muscles in the tensed position for about five seconds and then relax yourself. Keep on repeating this exercise until you have performed this exercise for all your muscles. You can also try some breathing exercises to help you sleep better. For this, hold your breath for a few seconds and then let it out.

16) Don’t stay in bed if you aren’t asleep

How often it has happened to you that you can’t sleep and still try to force yourself to sleep. There is no need for you to stay in bed and force sleep. No matter it’s 2 a.m. in the morning, if you can’t sleep, don’t stay in bed. Get up and perform some relaxing activity till you feel sleepy. It can be any activity like doing yoga for meditation, or listening to music. When you feel sleepy, go to bed. If you can’t feel sleepy again, get up and then try again.

17) Don’t rely on sleeping pills

Before going to bed, some people usually take sleeping tablets. They are quite effective and make a person tired within a few minutes. About 15 minutes after taking these tablets, a person finds an urge to sleep. Some common sleeping tablets are antihistamines, benzodiazepines, and anti-depressants or anti-psychotics. The main point to remember is that you shouldn’t rely on sleeping tablets. In order to stop yourself from taking these medications, you should consult the doctor first and after that leave the tablets for good. At first, it will be difficult for you to sleep but with time, you will sleep better.

18) Don’t share your bed with children and pets

You should never share your beds with your child and pet. It might be hard for you because you love them too much. But believe me it’s for your own good. You shouldn’t share your bed with a child because he will disturb you all night long by making noises or getting up in the middle of the night. You shouldn’t let your pets sleep with you because recent researches have pointed towards the fact that sharing your bed with dogs can make you sick. If you love animals so much, have a stuffed animal in your bed.

19) Understand your sleep

To sleep better, you need to understand your sleep. When you sleep, your body is stationary but your mind isn’t. The brain keep on functioning normally, while your body rests. The number of stages in sleep are four. On each successive level, there is deeper sleep. The total cycles through which the body passes during sleep are five. Waking between these cycles is quite normal. Sleep is very important because when you don’t get enough sleep, you can’t communicate well with others. Your ability to focus is also greatly damaged. If you sleep less on regular basis, there are chances that you might have a mental breakdown.

20) Reduce fluid intake before sleep

If you want a good night sleep, you should limit your fluid intake before bed. In general, you should drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water every day, so you shouldn’t suffer from dehydration. But it’s important that you don’t drink water for at least 1 to 2 hours before bed time. Some people complain that they have to get up to urinate every night. To avoid this, avoid drinking any liquid after 5 or 6 in the evening. Also cut down the amount of other beverages like alcohol, citrus juice and caffeine from your diet.

21) Keep track of what you do

If you want to improve your quality of life, you need to break addictions. One of the most important to do in order to break addictions is to keep track of the things that you do. The best thing you can do to keep track of things, is to keep a diary. Track the record of what you do throughout the day, what kind of friends you have; how you spend your leisure time and things like. It’s important that you record what the root cause of your addiction is. This will help in overcoming addiction.

22) List the pros and cons of the addiction

To overcome an addiction, you need to write the pros and cons of the addiction. It might be a painful task for you, but it’s worth it. There is some power in writing things down. This will better enable you to take steps to stop the addiction. First of all, take a pen and a paper. Now divide the paper into two halves. On one side, write the pros of the addiction and on the other side write the harmful effects of the addiction. If the harmful effects are more, it’s time for you to stop the addiction.

23) List the pros and cons of quitting the addiction

To quit an addiction, you need to think in the long term. You need to know what kind of life you will have after quitting the addiction. List the benefits and side effects of quitting the addiction. Remember that if you have solid reasons, you will follow them for a long time. Remember that for quitting the addiction, you should have to havea strong list of benefits as compared to the side effects. After writing the pros and cons, do your best to stay away from the addiction and don’t go near it.

24) Remind yourself that you want a change

In any addiction, overcoming the mental barrier is the key to breaking addiction. You need to think positive and keep on reminding yourself that you want a change in your life. To start with positive feelings, never degrade yourself by saying, “I can’t do it” or “I wish I could do it”. After this, you need to get rid of the negative thoughts which come to you. Always see positivity in yourself and others. Also keep on encouraging yourself that you can do it. And don’t feel guilty after overcoming the addiction.

25) Commit yourself to breaking the addiction

If you want to break your addiction, you need to be committed. Don’t buy time. If you know that something is bad and doing more harm than good, you should right away stop it. Set a date to quit your addiction. The time span should be less. You should decide to quit the addiction within two weeks’ time. By giving yourself time, you will be able to mentally prepare yourself to quit. Pick up a quitting date which holds some meaning to you e.g. your birthday, or your father’s birthday or something like that. This will increase your commitment.

26) Seek professional advice to quit addiction

Once you have acknowledged that you have an addiction, seeking professional advice can be quite helpful. Remember that getting a professional advice doesn’t show that you are weak; it shows your commitment to quitting the addiction. There are many professional organizations present, which are ready to help you. They will require some fee which you have to pay. If you aren’t willing to go to those organizations because you don’t have time or you have financial issues, a visit to your healthcare provide might be helpful. You can also get help from a psychologist or a social worker.

27) Keep yourself distracted

If you are addicted to something, distractions might help. Make a list of distraction activities, which you can do in your leisure time. Distraction is very important as it will tell your brain that a certain time of the day is for a certain things. There can be a number of activities which you can do to distract yourself. During the time of your addiction, call your friend or someone dear to you. You can also watch TV, do the dishes, take a bath or read a novel. The main point of distracting yourself is to keep yourself away from the addiction.

28) Reward yourself when you quit the addiction

Whenever you break your addiction up to a certain point, reward yourself for it. Rewarding is very beneficial for you. Giving yourself a little gift shows that you are appreciating your behavior towards the addiction and how well have you started off. There is another reason for rewarding yourself. All addictions are associated with some kind of reward in mind, whether it be mental or physical. By breaking the addiction, you are telling yourself that your addiction isn’t associated with reward; there are other things which are more important than your addiction. Some ideas of reward are buying new clothes, eating something tasty etc.

29) Seek help from a family member

An important step you can take to get rid of addiction is to get help from family. The first thing that you need to do is to take your family into confidence and tell them that you want to quit the addiction and need their help. You need to spend time with a close family member during the time of addiction. If you are hesitant to go to family members for help, you can also attend counselling or therapy sessions. Attending therapy sessions can be quite helpful because it will ensure you that you aren’t alone.

30) Deal with stress

People give into their addictions because they feel relieved from stress. A person may give into his addiction when he has a bad day in the office. What you need to know is that your addiction is an unhealthy of relieving stress. There are other healthier ways which you can adopt to quit your addiction. To cope with stress, the first thing to do is not to worry too much. After that, try to know about the signs and symptoms of stress. To relieve stress, do things you enjoy like listening to music, going for a walk, exercising or playing with kids. You can also try some relaxation techniques to relieve your stress.

Other recommended reads:
http://makeyourbodywork.com/how-to-destress/ by Dave Smith.

31) Do other activities during your free time

If you want to get rid of addiction, you need to stop thinking about the addiction and do other activities during your free time. Make a list of activities which you need to do during your free time. The main purpose of these activities is to keep your mind off your addiction. The activities don’t need to be complicated. Even an activity as simple as walking a dog can be beneficial for an addict. Some other activities include playing Sudoku, chess, crossword puzzles, card games. You can also watch movies or TV shows during your free time.

32) Get a self help book

If you are addicted to something, getting a self-help book might help. The main intention behind writing a self-help book is solving the personal problems of the readers. The main focus of self-help books is human behavior and psychology. Some chapters in the book will also tell you how to keep your desires under control. Self-help books also focus on creating self-awareness and increase the individual performance. Most self-help book writers claim that these books will help you achieve your goals more quickly than conventional therapies. The two most popular self-help books are “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” And “How to Stop Worrying and Start Living”.

33) Build a sober social network

Building a sober social network is the key to breaking any addiction. If you are surrounded by immoral people, you can never get over your addiction. You need to break your old contacts and make some new friends. It might be difficult for you to break up with old friends, but it’s for your own good. Surround yourself with people who love you and are truly ready to help when you need them. To make new social connections, there are many things you can do like joining a community, going to events and attending church.

34) Spend time with close friends and family members

Bonding with close friends and family members is very helpful for getting rid of addiction. Although for a healthy life friendship is important, research has shown that making new social contacts aids in recovery. When a person is surrounded with his loved ones, he has little concern for worries. He enjoys his time and remains away from his addiction. For spending time with loved ones, arrange a dinner and invite your loved ones. You can also play some evening game with your close family members. With friends, you can hang out for one hour every day.

35) Delay your addiction

If you want to get rid of your addiction, you have to delay it. You need to keep yourself under control and wait for other good things in life. There are many advantages of delaying the addiction. You have to remember one thing that every good thing in life comes with a bit of sacrifice. If you delay your addiction, you will get motivated that you can achieve your goals in life. Remember that if you give into your addiction, you are not harming yourself but also other people around you. So it’s best toact wisely and delay your addiction.

36) Try medications to stop addiction

You can always turn to medications to get rid of addiction. Remember when you are going to get medical treatment, be sincere to the doctor. Tell him about your addiction and your past history with medications. In this way, the doctor will be in a better condition to examine you. Don’t deny your problem or lie about your medications; it will further complicate matters. There are many medications available in the market to get rid of addictions. Some of these include Disulfiram, Naltrexone, Methadone and Buprenorphine. Remember that it’s better to consult the doctor before taking any medications.

37) Try behavioral therapies to stop addictions

In order to stop addictions, you can turn to behavioral therapies. One of the most popular behavioral therapy is cognitive behavioral therapy. The main purpose of this therapy is to get rid of the negative thoughts of a person to change the behavior. Negative thoughts play a major role in developing addiction. In cognitive behavioral therapy, the therapist strives to know about the negative thought patterns and replace them with positive thoughts. In cognitive behavioral therapy, the treatment doesn’t stop at once. But is stopped gradually. Many support programs are now including cognitive behavioral therapy in their treatment program.

38) Acupuncture for stopping addictions

For treating addictions, acupuncture treatment can be used. Acupuncture treatment helps in relaxing a person and reduces the symptoms of withdrawal. It has proved to help heroin and marijuana addicts. Acupuncture raises the levels of endorphin in the body (body’s natural pain killers). This increases the endurance level of a person. When the endorphin levels are raised, withdrawal symptoms are alleviated. A research conducted by Bureau of Justice Assistance in 2011, proved that acupuncture is helpful in the alleviation of withdrawal symptoms associated with addictions. There are different licensed acupuncturists to which you can go and get the treatment.

39) Motivational therapies for stopping addictions

Motivational therapies are also helpful for breaking addictions. A motivational therapy is a counselling technique to help a person stop his addiction. The main purpose of this therapy is to create motivation in a person to stop the addiction. Different sessions are conducted in this treatment. In the starting few sessions, the therapist will ask you questions and give you feedback and give self-motivational statements. Then, with your assistance, the therapist sorts out a plan to break the addiction. Research has shown that when this treatment was used for alcohol addicts, it reduced their drinking problem and improved their social life.

40) Hypnosis for quitting addictions

Once you know that you are suffering from an addiction, you can try hypnosis treatment. Different experts have rendered it as a safe way to get rid of any type of addiction. The time limit of hypnosis is lesser as compared to other forms of treatments. It takes only days or weeks for the complete treatment. In hypnosis, the conscious mind of a person becomes asleep. Therefore, he accepts whatever the therapist tells him. Using this to his advantage, the therapist tells the person to stop the addiction. However, it isn’t as simple as that. There are many other techniques used by the therapist in this treatment.

41) Lizard pose

Lizard pose is a very beneficial pose. One of its main benefits is that it opens hamstrings and the hip muscles. It also makes the inner thigh muscles powerful. The neck, shoulder and chest muscles are relaxed after this pose. To perform the lizard pose, first of all make a dog position. Now bring your foot between your hands. Now put the forearms on floor. Your left thigh should be in a lifted state. Now bring your chest in the forward direction. Stay in this condition for about 5 seconds and then do it with the other side.

42) Locust pose

If you want to improve your life quality, you should also try out locust pose. The main advantage of this pose is that it flexes the shoulders, chest and abdominal muscles. The lower and upper back also becomes smooth through this pose. This pose also improves the flexibility of the muscles. To perform the pose, lie on your belly. Now taking a deep breath, raise your legs, feet, hands, and arms. Use your back muscles to do it. Your eyes should be gazing in the forward direction all this time. Stay in this pose for about half a minute and then repeat.

43) Standing forward bend

The main advantage of this pose is that it relieves stress and relaxes the body. It also lengthens the claves, hips and hamstring. It also makes the thighs and knees powerful. Some studies have also shown that this pose plays an important role in relieving insomnia. To perform this pose, first of all, stand straight, keeping both of your feet together. Now move your upper body in the downwards direction. Now put your hands on the ground. Keep your gaze in the forward direction. Also, take care of keeping your legs straight all this time. Remain in this position for at least 10-15 seconds and repeat.

44) Correct sitting position

For a healthy life, correct sitting position is very important (19). The reason is that we spend most of our time sitting. There are many advantages of a correct sitting position. It decreases the wearing of the joints, which often leads to arthritis. Due to a correct sitting position, less stress is put on the spine and ligaments. To sit correctly, you need to, first of all, support your lower back. After that, make sure that the chair is at an appropriate height. You can also use adjustable chairs. Make sure that you keep your feet on the floor and keep your head and upper body vertical.

45) Correct driving position

A correct driving position is quite necessary to avoid any injuries. For making a correct driving position, first of all, make sure that there is plenty of room for your legs and that your legs reach the accelerator and brakes quite comfortably. Now adjust the seat so that your thighs are properly supported. Now adjust the height of the seat to an extent that you are able to view things clearly. In some cars, there is also the option of adjusting the steering wheel. If your car has such an option, adjust the steering wheel so that you are comfortable and there is no strain on your neck and shoulders.

46) Head to knee pose

The main advantage of head to knee pose is that the back of the legs are properly lengthened. This pose also helps in the proper functioning of the nervous system and the urinary system. To perform this exercise, sit on the ground with your legs away from your body. Now, in front of the left thigh, put right foot. Now move your hands towards your right foot and grasp the foot. Now move your head in the downwards direction and make your that your leg is straight. Hold in this position for 10 seconds. After that, repeat with the other side.

47) Corpse pose

The corpse pose relaxes the mind. It also helps to deal with anxiety and stress. This pose also improves the sleep quality. To perform a corpse pose, lie on the ground just like a corpse. Let your body fall gently on the floor. Now stretch yourself in all directions. Stretch yourself as much as possible. Now take deep breaths from the abdomen. Remain in this position for some time and keep on inhaling and exhaling. Now pull your knees together and sit. You can repeat the pose for as many times as you like. You should take the precaution that while performing this pose, you don’t put much pressure on your back.

48) Hand to toe pose

There are many benefits of hand to toepose. It stretches the legs. It also strengthens the shoulder muscles. It also improves the working of glutes muscles. To perform this pose, first of all, stand straight. Now lift your left knee. Now with your right arm, hold the left foot. Now take a deep breath and fully stretch your left leg and hold it with right hand. Now stretch your other arm in the opposite direction. Keep your eyes towards this arm. This is the full pose. Now remain in this pose for about 10 seconds and repeat with the other side.

49) Camel pose

Camel Pose is quite beneficial for improving the overall flexibility of the body. This pose uses almost all the body muscles including neck, abdomen, thighs, hip and ankles. The back muscles and triceps also become stronger due to this pose. Abdominal muscles are also build through this pose. To perform this pose, place your knees on the grounds and hands on your hip. Now bend in the backward direction. Place the hands on your feet. Now move your neck and head in the backwards direction. Remember that your hands should be touching your feet. Remain in this position for about 10 seconds and repeat.

50) Fish pose

The main benefit of the fish pose is that it strengthens the spinal muscles. This pose is also good for breathing. It strengthens the back and neck muscles. The abdominal muscles are also strengthened due to this pose. To perform this pose, lie in a corpse pose. Now put your palms on the floor and place them beneath your hips. Now relax in this position for some moments. After you have sufficiently relaxed, raise your back in the upward direction, and slightly bend your head and rest the top of your head on the ground. Remain in this position for 30 seconds. Now move back to the corpse pose and repeat.

Simple tips and tricks sign

Simple Tips & Tricks

1) Love yourself

It’s really shocking how easily we forget to love ourselves. In this day and age, everyone is too busy altering their feelings so that when they post them on social media they maintain a specific image. This media frenzy lifestyle has set grails of what a person should be like and stereotyping is too common. What you need to realize is that life does not have refined edges and you can’t fit into a box society has made for you. You are a custom design and you need to love yourself because your compassion is not complete unless it includes yourself. Stop comparing yourself with others, the only competition you should have is with yourself. Set reasonable expectations and remind yourself that you’re human and you’re not supposed to be perfect. Just remember that loving one’s self is the start of a lifelong romance.

2) Declutter your bag

Once in a while everyone feels like the weight of the world is on their shoulders and if you have a bag that is as full of clutter as mine, then you definitely have the weight of the world on your shoulder. Decrease your stress level, increase your productivity, save your time and money by simply decluttering your bag. The easier it is to find the things in your bag the more in control of life you feel. Best way to declutter your bag is to dump everything on your bed and put things in three categories:  1) keep, 2) trash and 3) not sure what to do. Well dealing with 1 and 2 is easy but to deal with the third category you either need a trusted friend or your mother to make the tough decision.

3) 10 minute rule

Life is an endless secession of tasks. Every day from the minute you wake up to the second you go to sleep you have so much to do. 24 hours in a day seem like a short time to accomplish all that you want to. So a simple way to improve your day is the 10 min rule. If any task can be completed in 10 minutes, complete it right away. This might seem hard to follow at first but this rule is an avenue to stress reduction. If you keep putting tasks off for later than those small 10 minute tasks piled on top of each other seem like a mountain to unreachable heights. When you tick off those small task from your to do list, you are also ticking off stress form your day.

4) Become an early riser

Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy wealthy and wise. You have all heard this phrase form your elders and you have all repeated it to your juniors but how many of you really follow this advice? Waking up early and experiencing the sunrise is a great way to start your day. Get up and be thankful for your blessings. Make a morning routine that motivates you to get up early. Reward yourself for getting up early with a healthy breakfast. Getting up early and starting the day fresh makes your day more productive.

5) Stay connected

In this hyper-aware era, we are more disconnected from human contact and touch than we realize. The social media gives us an illusion of connection, of relations but in reality we more isolated then we realize. Can you remember the last time you gave someone a hug, the last time you just sat with someone and talked for hours or played a team sport? Put down your phones, log off your computer and step outside. Get to know your neighbors, plan a picnic with your family and friends. Happiness is contagious, so spread it around because in this world what goes around comes around. Always remember you don’t need an excuse to hug your friends and family because human contact improves the quality of life.

6) Walk more

Walking is an easy, free and simple way to improve your health and life. Getting into the habit of walking may be difficult, so it’s best to start small and slow. You don’t have to walk five miles on the first day, start by walking fifty paces. Steadily and slowly buildup your stamina. Substitute walking for driving if you’re not travelling far. Walking not only helps strength your heart it also helps prevent many diseases like diabetes and osteoporosis. Walking also helps keep your weight in check and tones your legs and arms. Walking leads to release to endorphins that give you a natural high and elevates your mood. A bonus point of walking especially for all the girls out there is that it helps improve your gait.

7) Take a day off

Everyone deserves to take a day off once in a while. You need to put yourself and your mental health first. If the pressure of the job or school is getting too much then take a mental health day. We can all agree that once in a while we have all called in sick when we are really not because calling in and saying that you need a mental health day won’t go over nicely with your boss. Taking a day off not only helps reduce stress but also makes you more productive when you work again. Taking a day off is like taking a step back, it helps put things in perspective.

8) Sleep in

I think we can all attest that getting up the morning is the most difficult part of the day, it’s a constant struggle but sometimes it’s alright to lose the battle to sleep and hit that snooze button. To maintain balance in your everyday life think of the snooze button as a privilege and not a right. The importance of sleep goes beyond the banishing of darks circles around the eyes. Sleep not only improves your mood but also improves your working memory and helps retain more information. When you are in a good mood you have a positive outlook of life which leads to a more productive day. Sleep also helps to get the creativity juice flowing, which helps improve problem solving skills.

9) Organize your room

The simplest way to organize your life is to start by organizing your room. When you organize your room you save money. How you ask? Has it ever happened to you, that you bought something and when you clean your room you find that you already had that same thing? So when you stay organized you keep a track of what you have and what you need. And so you don’t end up wasting money on things you already have or things you don’t need. Organized room leads to an organized life because it gives you a sense of control and helps manage time. The easier it is to find the things you need in the morning when you are in a rush, the less stressful the day starts and the happier you feel and this leads to a more productive day.

10) Give yourself rewards

We are all really busy either with studies or work and when something goes wrong we never forget to beat ourselves up about it but when something goes right, we often forget to reward ourselves. We all need a pat on the back once in a while and if no one else is patting your back, do it yourself. Take yourself out for breakfast, read a good book, go to the park or simply order in and have a quite night. Rewards not only make you feel good about yourself, they motivate you and keep you on the right track. When you set a reward for completing a task, you stop procrastinating and focus more on the task.

11) Set goals

The ability to set goals is not an innate quality, we develop it over time with practice. The ability to set and achieve any goal helps improve life by heaps and bounds. Setting goals might not be easy especially if you fail to achieve those goals the first couple of times. The secret to setting a goal and achieving it, is to start small and take baby steps and to keep on trying. Divide the bigger picture into smaller more specific aims and goals. Setting goals helps manage your time and gives you a sense of purpose. It also helps provide focus and develops a sense of responsibility.

12) Motivate yourself

The reason behind most failures in professional and person life is lack of motivation. Motivation is the fuel the keeps our soul going and helps us put one step in front of the other. The best way to motivate yourself is to spend some quality time with yourself because let’s face it no one knows you better than you. You would not believe the effect decluttering your surroundings has on your motivation because having a neat surrounding makes you want to tidy up your life. Use your imagination and reframe your problems to motivate yourself because sometimes all you need is to take a step back and look at life from another angle.

13) Follow a budget

Let’s face it as we grow up money becomes one of the biggest problem in your life. The best way to avoid the path to financial ruin is by taking the budgeting highway. But remember that a budget is as good as your ability to follow it. Remember the bigger picture the reason why you are saving the money. The best way to stick to your budget is by using cash only this way you won’t be able to cheat on your budget. Set up visual reminders and treat yourself to a reward every once in a while for sticking to the budget.

14) Manage your time

When you manage your time better you develop the skills to manage your life better. Time is the one thing you cannot stop or reverse, so it’s better to not waste it than having regrets later. The best way to manage time is by making a to-do list. Find the time of day that is most productive for you whether it’s late night or early morning and focus on it. When making a schedule remember to leave time for breaks, fun and sleep otherwise you are going to burn yourself out. To better manage your time use time logs and break down tasks into smaller components.

15) Leave work at work

It’s a myth that one day you are going to go home from work with a clean desk because there is always going to be work left undone. Now you have three options 1) to take work home with you 2) to go home but fret about work all night long 3) leave work at work. The best way to leave work at work is to use the commute home as time to unwind and unbend by listening your favorite music, singing to yourself or simply enjoy the passing view. If you are having a bad day leave early and go home watch a movie, soak in the tub and come back the next day afresh and ready to tackle any problem.

16) Stand up for yourself

Being selfish and standing up for yourself are completely different things and don’t ever let anyone tell you different. Learn to say NO and put yourself first because remember that you are important too. Standing up for your self can be interpreted as being rude or offensive but that’s the other persons problem not yours. Defending yourself in a cool and calm manner is the best way to go. Be assertive, be confident and stop viewing yourself as the victim. But don’t be aggressive and don’t give up on yourself because you are your best and biggest supporter.

17) Redecorate things

Add a little spark to your life by redecorating your room or home. Sometimes life seems like a drag, the same old room with the same old walls. A little color in your room can lead to adding a lot of color into your life. Change is the essence of life and making small changes in your home and office can help you better cope with the bigger changes in life. If you don’t like your wall repaint them, if you don’t like your coffee table replace it and if you don’t like something about yourself change it. Redecorating your room or home gives you a sense of control and helps you belief that you can take a step further and redecorate your life with new habits and hobbies.

18) Get a cute pet

We have all heard that an apple a day keeps the doctor way but do you know the same can be said for having a pets. Pets help develop a sense of purpose and responsibility. Pets need feeding, cleaning and looking after so they add structure and routine to your life. Pets also help relive anxiety and provide companionship. You know pets act as social buffers and they help make new friends. Pets provide sensory stress relief, we all need a gentle touch or a hug every now and then and if you don’t have someone to do that with then just turn to your trusted pet.

19) Try new things

What is your favorite food or pastime? Bet you didn’t think you would like it until you tried it and fell in love with it. Trying new things is hard and scary because they are unfamiliar and the unknown is always terrifying. And the best way to get over the fear of the unknown is to try it. Trying new things gives you confidence and pushes you to grow. The possibility of enjoying something new comes with taking a leap and trying something new. Trying new things not only help improve mental strength but is also a fabulous boredom buster.

20) Take a nap

Taking a nap may sound childish but it is very effective in improving your day. It is said that you’re grown up when you starting thinking of naps as rewards instead of punishments. Many studies have showed that if you divide the day by a nap it helps improve your alertness level and also elevate your mood. Think of naps as recharging your brain. When you are rested you have a better working memory, have heightened senses and naps also help retain information by preventing burnouts. Try squeezing in a 30 minute nap right after lunch because that is said to be the ideal time.

21) Enjoy the weather

Pleasant weather is a god’s gift. Wheatear the weather is cold and breezy or hot and humid try to enjoy it. Enjoying the weather is great way to unwind and relax. The best to enjoy the weather is to go for a walk or to swim in an outdoor pool. To enjoy the weather take up gardening or go for a picnic or simply just ride a bike. Nature photography is not only a great way to enjoy the weather but also to witness all the beauty that God has created. Relaxing and enjoying the weather improves your mood and it also helps improve your health.

22) Laugh

The best sound in the world is the deep rooted belly jiggling laugh. Laughter has the ability to bring people together and make connections. A simple giggle or chuckle can change the atmosphere of room from unfamiliarly chilly to family like warm. Laughter is a fun ab workout that lower blood pressure and reduces stress hormones in the body. Laughter boosts your immune system, improves cardiac health and helps wounds heal quicker. Due to release of endorphins laughter gives you a natural high and acts as a mood elevator.

23) Clean your hands

Improve your health and protect yourself and the people around you against diseases by the simple act of cleaning your hands. The best habit to develop on your way to healthy living is hand washing. It takes only about 15 seconds to properly clean your hands. 15 seconds of hand washing prevent diseases that can bug you for day’s even weeks like eye and respiratory infections. Hand cleaning also lower the risk of diarrhea and stomach problems. Hand washing is habit that you should promote and teach your children so that they live healthy lives.

24) Cut ties with negativity

You are who you hang out with and life is too short to make ties with negativity. You don’t need energy zapping, judgmental or bad habits promoting friends in your life. The main reason of discord in your life are the ties to bad habits and bad company. Sometimes you have to fire a friend from your life because they were just enemies is disguise. Some ties you just simply can’t cut because family is forever but that does not mean that you should let them suck the happiness out of your life, talk to them and stand up for yourself and your sanity. The best way to quit a bad habit or relationship is to go cold turkey.

25) Donate your time

Anyone can donate money, so try and donate your time. Remember what ever small good deed you do today, in the scheme of things it makes a big difference. There is nothing better you can do for a person then give them your time because you are giving them a part of your life you will never get back. Help elderly with their grocery shopping. Volunteer at the local school as a teacher’sassistant. Record audio books for blind or visually impaired people. Plant a tree, pick up the trash and help protect the environment. Helping others is a purely selfish act because it makes us feel good about our self and the world.

26) Make a change

Everybody’s heard the saying “be the change you want to see” yet very few seem inclined to follow it. Change is never easy because change leads to the unfamiliar and the unknown is always terrifying. Making a change in your daily routine saves it from going into a rut and making a change in your life helps you grow. If we do not change with time then time will change us, so you see change is inevitable. But changing on your own pace gives you strength and opens doors to many opportunities. Making small changes in your life keeps it exciting and that excitement keeps your spirit fresh.

27) Be creative

Being creative is not something you do, it is a way of life. Being creative means using your imagination and we all know that imagination has no bounds. Obstacles and hurdles are an inevitably part of life but when we make creativity a habit we learn new and resourceful ways to overcome them. Creativity is a great way to save money because it compels you to transform the old useless things into new useful things and also curbs the habit of impulsive shopping. Fooling around with a paint brush or glue gun is a very effective way to let off some steam. Creativities is an avenue to originality and self-awareness.

28) Compliment others

Did you know that like “thank you” and “please”, small words of compliments are also magical words? We all have those days when we are just a little bit too gloom or blue and on those days you should never underestimate the ability of a sincere complement to brighten the day. Spread love and compliments because what goes around comes around. You might not realize it but a small mumbled compliment has the ability to make someone’s day and contrary to popular belief kindness doesn’t kill you. Complimenting others makes them feel good about themselves and makes them more productive. When you compliment other they evidently like you and that is a plus in itself.

29) Ask for help

People these days think that asking for help is a sign of weakness, what they don’t realize is that not being able to get past your ego to ask for help is the real sign of weakness. Asking for help not only a great way to grow and learn your limitation but also makes the helper feel good about themselves. When you ask your loved ones for help you make them feel needed and that helps build stronger relationships. Asking for help is better when you have a choice because sooner or later it might be. You don’t have to do it all by yourself and remember its ok to lean on others every once in a while.

30) Donate blood

Donating blood not only helps the recipient, it also benefits the donor. Donating blood and helping save someone’s life is one of the biggest joys of life. When you donate blood you get a free health checkup. Regularly donating blood helps prevent heart disease and also reduces the risk of cancer by keeping the iron level in blood in check. One time donation of blood burns about 650 Kcal. By donating blood you might by giving someone another chance at life and that is a blessing that not everyone is privileged with.

31) Find your sanctuary

A sanctuary is a place that you can be yourself, it’s a place where you feel at peace and can concentrate. Everyone has their own place of sanctuary, it can there room, study room, park or library. We all need time out now and again and having a sanctuary to retreat to and regroup can help a lot. We need to learn to be happy with our own company in order to really be able to love others and a sanctuary provides us a place to get to know ourselves. Sanctuary is a place where you go when you need a mental health day and it’s the place that lets you forget the world for a while.

32) Express your gratitude

Expressing gratitude helps strengthen relationships. Having an attitude of gratitude not only makes you happier, it also helps make others happy. Gratitude helps develop a more positive outlook of life and it makes you less materialistic. Gratitude makes you less self-centered and boosts your self-esteem. Gratitude is a pro-social behavior that helps strengthen friendships and marriage. Gratitude decreases your sense of envy and helps build happier memories. When you express gratitude to someone for what they did for you, you are reinforcing positive behavior.

33) Travel

Even if you have an exciting job and have an active social life nothing can compare to the thrill of traveling. Travelling helps us to disconnect with our regular life and to reconnect with ourselves. Travelling with friends and family is the best way to make memories that will bring a smile to your face for years to come. When you travel you get a chance to embrace other cultures, widen your horizons and perceptive. Another great benefit of traveling is that you get to increase your knowledge while you relax.

34) Spread love

Love is contagious, so spread it around as much as you can. Love might not heal all wounds but it sure does lessen the pain. Spreading love is not only healthy for you but also for the people around you because it reduces stress. Spreading love is free and it’s the best way to leave a positive impression in someone’s life. When you spread love, you attract positive people and those people further spread love and this starts a chain reaction for a better world. Remember while spreading love to always start with yourself.

35) Call your parents

Your mother was the first country you ever lived in and your father was the first man that ever loved you. Your parents make so many scarifies for you and they try to give you the whole world. I am guessing the first mobile phone you ever had was given to you by them, so pick up your phone and call them. Call your parents and tell them you love them because that is what they worked for while raising you. Talking to your parents not only strengthens your relationship with them but is also helps provide a solid foundation for future relationships.

36) Let things go

You have heard it and read it in books and blogs “let go what you can’t change”. I know you must be sick of hearing and reading about it by now but the fact of life is you can’t grow unless you let go of the things holding you back. The first step of letting go is realizing that you have a choice that you can move on either free and light or you can drag all your baggage with you. Letting go is like stilling the ripples in the pool, so you can see a clear self-reflection. Letting go of things helps you focus on the present and allows peace to enter your life.

37) Take the stairs

Over the course of the last decade we have adapted a more sedentary lifestyle, we use cars, elevators and prefer less physically demanding work. In this electronic and hyper speed life we have very little time to focus on ourselves. Taking the stairs is a great way to add a little physical challenge to your otherwise sedentary lifestyle. Taking the stairs helps burns calories and also helps build stamina. Taking the stairs gets your blood pumping and decreases the risk of heart disease.

38) Pamper yourself

Remember that you deserve to feel good and that you deserve to put yourself first. Life is hard and sometimes you won’t have anyone to lean or to pamper you but you will always have yourself. Go to the sap or take a therapeutic bubble bath. Pampering yourself helps to deal with emotion and physical stress. Pamper yourself with what works for you like exercise, aroma therapy or long walks. When you feel relaxed you are better able to cope with life and that helps improve your outlook of life.

39) Buy happiness

We have all heard that “money can’t buy happiness” and that true money can’t buy you the bigger happiness of life but it can buy you small chunks of happiness. Indulge in the small things that bring you happiness. Go for retail therapy or buy yourself some fancy chocolates. Go to an amusement park or to a gourmet restaurant, whatever works for you. Buy flowers for yourself and people you love because happiness is incomplete until shared with loves ones.

40) Prioritize

The ability to prioritizeis life changing and it is learned through experience. Learn to prioritize your work and life because you don’t want to wake up one day and realize that you left the most important thing or person in your life slip through your fingers. Prioritizing helps improve overall work quality and prevents burnouts. When you prioritize you get things done faster and that leads to stress reduction. Prioritizing is a great way to get the most important thing done more effectively and faster.

41) Pray more

Praying is the essence of life. It has been scientifically proven that if you pray regularly you are doing your mind and body a huge favor because pray strengthen not only your faith but also your mind and body. Praying regularly can make you more punctual in life and helps improve your ability to concentrate. Praying also enhances self-control and decreases the risks of depression and anxiety. Praying makes you more forgiving and helps offset negative effects of stress. Praying gives you a sense of peace and belonging.

42) Help others

The basic purpose of life is to help others. Helping has less to do with how much money you can give others and more to do with the time and attentiveness you give them. Helping others decreases there burdens and increase your happiness because helping gives you a sense of satisfaction. When you help other you feel needed and effective and that leads to a better view on life. When you help others you feel more connected and it also makes you feel gratitude and relatively lucky.

43) Gossip less

We all know gossip is bad and that it has the potential to ruin lives but how many of us refrain from this habit? Gossip is like cancer that slowly eats away at you and the people around you. The thing about gossip is that if you are gossiping about others and someone somewhere is definitely gossiping about you. Gossiping isolates you because it tarnishes your integrity and no one trusts you. When you gossip you knowingly or unknowingly spread lies and we all know lying is bad. Gossip less and remember the golden rule “if you don’t have anything good to say then don’t say anything”.

44) Save a tree

There is more than one way to save a tree. The best way is to not cut them but that is not the only way. Save one tree, take a small step to saving the environment. Recycle your notebooks and newspaper. Limit your use of disposable cups, paper towels and tissue papers. The more trees in your surroundings, the cleaner the air you breathe in. Trees help control the environmental temperature and provide flood control. Trees also provide a home to many animals ranging from small insects to big apes. Do you know that trees are great for your mental health? So next time you feeling down take a walk in the park.

45) Adapt a productive habit

Habits have a way of defining you and slowly transforming you. When you have free time and don’t know what to do, instead of wasting your time, try doing something productive. Getting in the habit of exercising is a great way to pass time and stay in shape. When you have free time go and volunteer in a local school or hospital. Turn your free time into learning time, get into the habit of watching informative shows on television. Your time is the most precious thing you have so learn to use it wisely before you run out of it.

46) Learn first aid

We have all heard that “safety” comes first and we should all be prepared. Having knowledge of first aid is potentially lifesaving. Learning first aid helps improve home and work safety. Knowledge of first aid can be the difference between life and death in a disaster. First aid is also very important for all child care givers like teachers or babysitters. Having knowledge if first aid gives you confidence and courage in a difficult situation. When you learn first aid, you learn to help yourself and others and this gives you a sense of satisfaction.

47) Taming your tongue

Keeping your temper and tongue in check is a daily challenge. You have all heard the rhyme, “sticks and stones may break my bones but words can’t hurt me” but I think we can all agree that this is not true. Words have the ability to leave scars deeper than any physical blow. So control your tongue before this 3 inch of muscle hurts you or someone else beyond repair. The best way to tame your tongue is to think before you speak and to communicate in a calm manner. Use humor to cut the tension and if you can’t handle the situation without getting mad then take a time out.

48) Read more

Reading is an exercise for your brain. A book a day keeps reality away. Reading books is a great way to deactivate from the real world and live a different life. Reading books helps expand your vocabulary and improve your memory. Reading is a great way to relax and to entertain yourself. Reading helps develop your analytical skills and helps improve your concentration. Reading is a great stimulator of imagination and this leads to better problem solving skills.

49) Accept your mistakes

Accepting your mistakes is hard because no one likes to admit that they were wrong. Accepting your mistakes paves a path to a better life, a healthier life.When you accept your mistakes and take responsibility, it gains you the trust and respect of others. Accepting your mistakes gives you freedom from negative emotions that come with not accepting personal responsibility. View your mistakes as lessons and learn from them. Think of your flaws as challenges and work to turn them into your strengths. So stop blaming other, stop making excuse and accept your mistakes and turn your life around.

50) Forgive other

Forgiveness is a virtue. Life is too short to hold grudges, so let people of the hook. When you forgive others, you have less baggage to deal with and that leads to a happier life. Forgiving not only strengthens your relationship with others but also with God. When you forgive others you are better able to empathize with them. Forgiving others is good for your sleep because with all that negative energy gone you have a quitter mind that lets you rest. Forgiveness gives you a sense of peace and content.

The bottom line

Congratulations on reading the longest guide on actionable tips for healthy living and eating on the Internet. Some of the tips are easy to implement while others maybe very difficult to follow. Do not worry! Just try out some of the things we recommend and see how your health and life will improve dramatically. If you think that some of the tips are missing, why do not share them with others in comments under the post? You may also share this post with your friends or family members who want to improve their lives.

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Written by: Michal Vilímovský (EN)
Education: Physician
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Published: April 25, 2015 at 1:45 PM
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