50 diuretic foods and recipes

October 31, 2014 at 9:41 AM

Some of you might be wondering what is meant by diuretic? Diuretic agent is any substance that will increase the amount and frequency of urine more than usual. In this way, the diuretic agent helps your body in getting rid of all the water and salts that have been lodged in excess.

Too much of salts or sugars in diet cause extra water and salt retention inside your body more than that is required, thus causing obesity or you can say bloating and swellings in different parts of the body. Apart from this, many people have certain health problems like that of heart, liver and female monthly cycle that cause extra lodging of water inside the body. In all these conditions it is best to use some diuretic agent to get rid of this extra amount of water and salts. These diuretic agents, by drawing more sodium or some other particular substance from the diuretic food will draw more water from blood and body tissues into the urine thus flushing away the extra water in the form of excess urine.

The diuretic agents are taken for following purposes and are helpful:

  • In case of increased blood pressure
  • For weight reduction
  • To reduce edema (swelling)
  • To help body in removal of toxins (detoxification)
  • In diseases in which fluid builds up in body like cirrhosis of liver, congestive heart failure and estrogen therapy
  • Might be useful in flushing of small kidney stones from body

Whenever the word diuretic is mentioned, normally the people who have the idea about what the diuretics are will think of some water pills or herbs. That is not the only case. Several natural foods can be used instead of water pills. If used effectively, they can be the best substitute of water pills. Over dosing on these water pills might cause dehydration and many ill health effects but if you replace them with natural diuretic foods, you can safely remove extra water and salts from your body and at the same time you can also enjoy many other health benefits of these natural foods as bonus. After reading this article you might think to yourself that reducing fluid buildup has never tasted this much delicious and good!

Note: These foods are not advisable to you if you have normally low blood pressure as they might cause further drop in your blood pressure. When taking these diuretic foods, you should take plenty of water in your diet otherwise you might get dehydrated. If you choose any herbal food mentioned in the article then use it first on trial basis and don’t use it for too long without discussing with your doctor because these herbs might deplete your body of some essential vitamins and minerals with long term use. Whatever food you pick up as your natural diuretic agent, try to discuss it with your doctor before its use for the safety of your health.

1. Water

Although it sounds contrary to common sense but drinking plenty of water can actually help you get rid of excessive water from your body.

How does this happen?

Well, when your body is loaded with plenty of water then the excessive amount stimulate those functions of body that come into action to get rid of this excess water. Therefore, when these systems work vigorously, through increased urination and sweating, they will get rid of excess water and bring back the level of water in your body to the normal levels.

2. Tomatoes

These are one of the healthiest foods that can be consumed for diuretic effect. The diuretic effect of tomatoes is due to:

  • Tomatoes contain high content of water (almost 90%) in them, which makes them natural diuretic food.
  • In addition to water, they are also rich in fiber as well as potassium and magnesium (both of them work against sodium which keeps water in body). These also stimulate kidneys and help your body in draining extra water from itself.

The best way of using tomatoes as diuretic is to use them raw, so that their natural nutrients are consumed fully. So, either use them in salad or mix them with some other delicious foods like water melon, carrot etc to make a strong diuretic and healthy juice in a blender.

In addition to the diuretic effect, tomatoes also have many other health effects like they are good for lowering cholesterol levels of body and they are antioxidants (due to high lycopene in them) which make them helpful in preventing cancers and heart diseases.

3. Watermelon

Rightly as its name indicates, you can easily have an idea why it can be a good diuretic food. The reason is exactly the same as that is poking your mind. Yes, it contains plenty of water in it (almost 92% of it is water). The fiber and water in it help you to flush excessive water and salts from your body.

It is one of the best diuretic fruits that is available naturally. You can eat it raw or blend it to make yummy and healthy smoothie.

Apart from its diuretic effect, it also has many other healthy effects on your body like it keeps you hydrated, helps in increasing the intestinal removal of toxic substances from body thus acting as detoxifying agent and it is a good source of minerals for your body.

4. Carrot

Normally, when someone mentions carrot, the first thing that comes in your mind is sight. Yes, it is very good for your sight but that is not the only health benefit of carrot. It is ranked among one of the most efficient diuretic vegetables. The diuretic effect is because of its minerals, vitamins and antioxidants that stimulate your kidneys and help them in flushing away the water and salts that build up excessively.

In addition to these beneficial effects, it helps in maintaining the right pH balance of your body, for skin problems and is good for kidney health, immune system (defense system) of your body as well.

5. Cucumber

It also contains good quantity of water in it and thus is a hydrating vegetable that can be consumed for the diuretic effect. The diuretic effect of cucumber is due to the following reasons:

  • It contains plenty of water, which obviously makes it a good choice as a diuretic agent.
  • It also contains good quantity of silicone and sulfur, both of which stimulate and help your kidneys in better removal of uric acid (waste substance that is mainly excreted by your kidney along with water as urine).
  • It also contains ascorbic acid and caffeine, these have contributory diuretic effect.
  • Thus these substances as a whole induce plenty of urination, after eating cucumber, making it a good diuretic.

Other health effects include relief of arthritis, reduction of swelling around eyes (due to diuretic effect) and reduction of the aging effects.

6. Asparagus

It contains asparagine, which is a chemical substance that promotes your kidneys performance, thus helping your kidneys in washing away waste material and excessive water faster and effectively. After consuming asparagus, you might notice that your urine is having a particular smell and it is plentiful, don’t worry about that. It is an obvious sign that indicates its direct effect on your kidney, in a healthy way.

Apart from this health effect, asparagus also helps in reducing weight, refilling your body of essential vitamins and minerals, preventing cancer and in other countless ways that you could have not imagined.

7. Oats

Do you want some grains with diuretic properties? In that case, eating oats is the answer. On consumption, apart from being very good sleep inducing and weight reducing food, they also have great diuretic effect on your body. This is because they contain high amount of silica (a natural diuretic) in them, which naturally boosts the function of your kidneys (by helping in removal of uric acid) thus helping them in removing extra salts and water effectively.

8. Artichokes

It is also an excellent diuretic food. Mentioned below are few points that will help you understand the reason behind its diuretic effects:

  • They contain fiber, minerals and vitamins that help your kidneys in promoting their function thus helping in their removal of excess water and salts.
  • They contain a chemical in them called cynarin. It increases and improves the bile flow from your gall bladder that helps in reducing the excess fluids from body.

If you want to use it then don’t cook it. You must use it in a raw form because upon heating, the cynarin present in it is destroyed easily.

Apart from its use as a diuretic agent, it can also be used for liver problems, to reduce weight, to improve digestive system and as a rich source of many minerals, vitamins and nutrients.

Fresh Artichokes

9. Celery

It is a watery and green vegetable that is also a great choice as a diuretic food. Its diuretic effect is because of following substances:

  • It has high fiber, water and mineral contents that makes it effective as a diuretic agent.
  • Although it has high amount of sodium in it, which is known as a mineral that retains water in body, but this effect is not seen on consuming celery because it also contains high amount of potassium in it that counterbalance the effect of sodium thus adding to its diuretic effect.
  • It increases the uric acid production (waste substance) and thus increasing urine output.

The best way of its consumption is obviously in raw form but if you don’t like its strong aroma and taste in raw form then you can add it in your smoothies and juices in small amount to have its diuretic effect.

Other health effects of celery include hydrating body, providing certain minerals and nutrients to body and treating gout edema as well.

10. Parsley

It is ranked among one of the best herbal foods that can be a good diuretic. It contains high amount of water (almost 85% of it), fibers, potassium, magnesium and other nutrients that help in boosting the functioning of kidneys and thus making it a good water flushing choice.

As mentioned earlier, it is also best to use in raw form but if you don’t like using it raw, you can add it as a garnishing food after making a plate of your meal or try adding it in your juices and smoothies that you make. You can also buy it from market as a dry herb and just sprinkle it on your food and salads, in that way you don’t need to bear the strong aroma. If these options are not suitable for you then you can simply use it in your cooking but keep in your mind not to overcook it. In that case, the natural beneficial effects of parsley will be wasted along with its wasted nutrients as a result of overcooking.

Boosting of immune system, strengthening of bones, healing of nervous system, controlling of blood pressure, helping in digestion and prevention of cancer are some other beneficial effects of this wonderful plant.

11. Eggplant

It is a good diuretic as well as can be used to reduce body weight. It contains plenty of water, fiber, potassium and magnesium that boost the diuretic function of your body as mentioned before, thus helping you in flushing away excess water and salts.

The best way of its utilization is to boil it in water and drink that extract. On the other hand you can have it as a side dish along with your meal, in order to benefit yourself from its diuretic effect.

Other benefits of eating eggplant are supplementation of essential nutrients, improvement of blood circulation, protection of digestive system, weight reduction and maintenance of heart health.

12. Cranberry Juice

The majority of diuretics in addition to water and excess salts also remove the potassium thus causing its deficiency in the body. Cranberry juice is not only a good diuretic but at the same time it spares potassium of body, hence avoiding its deficiency.

Other than the diuretic effect, it is widely used in case of urinary tract infection as it avoids harmful bacteria from residing inside bladder and at the same time due to increased diuretic effect, it flushes these harmful bacteria with urine.

The best way of getting this effect is by using it in its organic than form rather the conventional form (which is treated with chemicals) in which it is most effective and try to make it fresh whenever you want to drink it up. It will also help you in combating urinary tract infections, prevention of cancer, soothing of discomfort by ulcer and skin health promotion.

13. Brussels sprouts

This is another option available for removing excess liquid and salts from body. It has high content of fiber and potassium, which makes it a good diuretic food. Other beneficial effects include lowering of cholesterol, reduction of inflammation, cancer prevention, vitamin K provision and heart’s health support.

14. Black currants

For centuries, it has been used in Chinese traditional medicine for a variety of purposes like as a diuretic, diaphoretic (to induce sweating) and as an ingredient in wines, juices and jams. It is also a potassium sparing natural diuretic that can help you in reducing the water and salts content of your body. The reason why it acts as a diuretic agent lies in its high amount of potassium that induces diuretic effect by stimulating your kidneys. You can eat as such, blend it in a shaker to make yummy smoothie or can make its tea by boiling it in water.

Its other potential health effects include its use in neurological diseases, inflammation, delaying of aging, prevention of cancer and good source of vitamin A, C and iron.

15. Beets

They have high content of water, fibers and minerals like potassium and magnesium that make them good diuretic agent as they stimulate kidneys to work more effectively. These are very efficient diuretic and at the same time work on both liver and kidneys thus resulting in potentiated diuretic effect.

Other health effects of beets are weight reduction, antioxidant effects and the list goes on. Of course, these are good reasons why you should start using beets in your daily diet. Prefer fresh beets rather than its pickled form. In that way, you will be able to cash all the nutrients that are present in it for your health.

16. Figs

This fruit has many enzymes, minerals like potassium and magnesium and fiber that act on your kidneys thus making it a good diuretic fruit. However, being a diuretic is not the only beneficial effect of figs; they are also very good laxatives, oxidants and blood cleanser.

17. Pear

It is also a good diuretic food. Following contents present in pears make them a good diuretic food:

  • They have fairly amount of water soluble fibers.
  • They have high content of potassium in them.
  • They have low content of sodium in them.

All these features make them helpful to your kidneys by stimulating them in removing wasteful amount of water and salts. These can be used as such or you can also have pear juice for similar effects. Other beneficial effects of pears are that they help in blood pressure regulation, prevent certain cancers, are good laxatives, boost immune system and help in lowering cholesterol levels in your body.

18. Pineapple

Whether it is pineapple fruit or pineapple juice, we all like to have them in different forms with different settings of foods. The good news is that this fruit is not only tasty enough to help you with satisfaction of your taste buds but at the same time it has many beneficial effects on your body among which diuretic effect is one. It contains high water content, in addition to that it also has high potassium, magnesium and fiber, all of which make it a good stimulant of your kidneys thus helping in dumping excess water and salts from your body. Reducing inflammation, helping digestion, reducing appetite and helping in better circulation of blood are some of the more beneficial effects of this yummy fruit.

19. Peach

This delicious fruit was originally cultivated by China first and is now cultivated in all parts of the world. Being a good diuretic food, it has good water content, fiber and minerals like potassium which are ultimate stimulators of your kidneys and thus aid in removal of extra amount of water and salts from your body. They are also thought to have an alkaline nature that might be helpful in cleansing the bladder and kidneys thus enhancing the diuretic effect of this fruit.

Peaches also are helpful in weight reduction, prevent obesity and cardiovascular diseases, keep the skin healthy, reduce hair loss, stress reliever and helpful in removing worms from intestine.

20. Rose Apple

Rose apples have nothing to do with roses or apples. Their name might deceive you. In fact, they are more closely related to guava. They are grown on shrub or small tree, which are also used as ornamental plants. They contain high water content, fiber, vitamins and sulfur, all of which act on your kidneys and stimulate them to increase urination in order to get rid of water and salts that are no longer needed by your body.

In addition to being a good diuretic, other health benefits of rose apple include diabetes control, helpful in digestion, cancer prevention and boost immune system.

CAUTION: The stems, seeds and leaves of certain species of this fruit that are being cultivated might be toxic to your body. So, it is always good to buy it from trusted markets and not to use it in excess or other parts of this fruit should not be used (except flesh and skin) without proper guidance.

21. Lemon

This citrus fruit is consumed commonly in daily life. It has huge spectrum of health benefits that can be obtained by its consumption and diuretic effect is one of them. It has high water content, vitamin C and certain enzymes that act as ultimate stimulators of you kidneys thus helping in its diuretic action. It is quite easy to start high consumption of lemon in your diet as its juice does the same beneficial effects on your body as does its fruit (fruit being citrus is difficult to use alone). So, you can have its juice in plain water or mixed with some other juices or you can simply squeeze it on your salad or food plate that you have made. Either way, its consumption will give you its beneficial effects which other than being a diuretic include good detoxifier, make skin healthy, helpful in urinary tract infections and a very good laxative.

22. Ginger

It contains fiber, water and certain enzymes that make it a good choice as a diuretic food. It has many other health benefits like an appetizer, good detoxifier and helpful in digestion. You don’t have to use it as a whole in raw form in order to get its benefits. If you add it as a garnishing ingredient in your food, make its tea by boiling it in water or simply add small chuck of it in water, this will give you enough beneficial effects of ginger.

Sliced ginger

23. Apple cider vinegar

It is the kind of vinegar that is made by fermentation of crushed apples. It is a very good diuretic that can be used as a good alternative to diuretic medicine. The best way of its use is to drink it up mixed with water. However, as it is acidic in nature, drinking it in water can damage your teeth enamel, so it is best to drink it up with a straw so that your teeth are minimally exposed to its acidic effects. You might be thinking that what exactly makes it a good diuretic agent? Well, it contains active ingredients like potassium and acetic acid that make it a good stimulant of your kidneys, hence making it a good choice as a diuretic as well as a good regulator of potassium level in your body. Other useful health effects are lowering of blood pressure, diabetes control, regulation of mineral contents of your body and a good laxative.

24. Cabbage

It is used commonly in salads and has many beneficial effects as well. It is also a good diuretic food. It contains high amount of water, mineral, fiber and sulfur that make it a stimulant of your kidneys and thus a good diuretic. However, it should be kept in mind that regular and heavy consumption, it might produce gas (flatulence) in few people. So when you start having it in your diet then start with a small quantity and increase its amount slowly so that your body get use to of it and you don’t develop gas problem.

Prevention of cancer, heart diseases, lowering of cholesterol and being a good laxative, these are some of the other beneficial effects of cabbage.

25. Garlic

It can also be a choice of your natural diuretic food. It contains amazingly high contents of vitamins and minerals that act on your kidneys and help you in removing extra water and salts from your body.

Although it is also available in the form of pills but it is best to use it in its natural raw from. You don’t have to eat its cloves after cloves, in order to get benefit from it. You can have its healthy effects by simply using a few cloves in your cooking or garnishing your daily dishes of foods with a few cloves.

Apart from being a good diuretic, it is also an excellent detoxifier, helps in reducing weight, lowers cholesterol in blood and it is one of the best antibiotics that is available in nature.

26. Green Tea

It has been used in Chinese folk medicine for centuries due to its beneficial effects. Second to water, it is the most commonly consumed liquid in the whole world. Following contents of green tea made it a good choice as a diuretic agent:

  • Almost 99% of the cup of tea is water.
  • It contains good quantity of caffeine (but its caffeine content is less as compared to the same amount of coffee and tea).
  • It is a rich source of vitamins and minerals as well.
  • All these features especially high water content and caffeine make it a good diuretic agent and it stimulates your kidneys and help you naturally to get rid of water and salts that are present in excess in your body.

Skin nourishment, heart diseases prevention, cholesterol control, weight reduction, blood pressure control, control of bad breath, prevention of cancer and regulation of blood sugar are some of the huge benefits of green tea.

27. Coffee

Do you like coffee and drink it often?? Ever noticed right after drinking coffee, you might head to bathroom more often than usual? This is because coffee is a diuretic agent and a very good one. Caffeine present in it is a diuretic agent that makes your kidneys to produce more than usual urine and thus increasing urination. However, the excess of caffeine is not good for your health, so you should use limited amount of it in your daily life. It is better to add some other natural diuretic foods with it and limit its use to one or two cups of coffee per day.

28. Dandelion (herb)

For centuries, it has been used in herbal medicines. Its leaves are also used as flavoring agent in salads, sandwiches and teas. Flowers are used in wine making. It can also be used as a diuretic agent. You can use its leaves in your daily food or make its tea by boiling its root or leaves in water. It contains potassium and other active ingredients that make it a stimulant of kidney and thus a good diuretic. Its leaves are also used in aiding digestion, boosting immune system and increasing appetite. Its flowers have antioxidant properties.

You should use this herb with caution because in addition to beneficial effects, it can also cause many side effects. So, try it first on trial basis before its daily use.

29. Chives (herb)

These are the smallest species of onion that are available out there. These contain high amount of potassium and other minerals that act on your kidneys and thus increase urination. Try to use fresh chives whenever you wish to use them. The best way to use them as a diuretic is to use some quantity daily chopped in your salads along with drinking more water that will make your body get rid of extra water and salts really fast.

Other health benefits of chives are that they aid in digestion, improve apatite, body cleanser and keep the respiratory system healthy.

30. Fennel (herb)

It is a commonly used herb. You can also use it as a diuretic agent. The active ingredients (like being an alkaline agent) present in it make it a kidney stimulant and thus a good diuretic agent. The best way of its use as a diuretic agent is to make its tea by boiling some quantity of it in water and drinking it up afterwards. Prevention of bloating and flatulence, improved metabolism, reduction of swelling anywhere in body, lowering of blood pressure, weight reduction and immune system booster are some of the many beneficial effects of fennel.

Fresh organic fennel

31. Mangoes

Yes, delicious mangoes that you like to eat are also a good choice as a natural diuretic fruit. This tasty fruit has an alkaline nature, is packed with water and has high amount of potassium in it. All these contents make your kidneys work more effectively and help in removal of water and salts from your system. This is not the only beneficial effect of mangoes; they boost immune system, help in digestion, clear the skin and prevent cancer as well. So, now you have many more reasons to consume this delicious fruit. However, you should keep it in mind that consuming too much of this fruit can increase sugar levels of your body and it is fattening as well.

32. Pumpkins

The flesh and seeds both act as good diuretic agents. It contains high water content, fiber, potassium and other minerals that do not irritate your kidneys but help them in making more urine in order to remove extra water and salts from your body. The best way to eat it, in order to have its diuretic effect, is to use it in raw form as on cooking the water content of pumpkin is reduced hence interfering with its diuretic effect. You can grate it or chop it in your salad.

Pumpkins aid in the treatment of bladder irritation, infections of kidneys, help in avoiding muscles cramps and in maintaining minerals level in your body. Before you make pumpkin a daily part of your diet, try its small amount for a few days to see if it suits you or not.

33. Radish

Due to their high water and potassium content, they act on kidneys and stimulate them to make more urine thus dumping more water and salts. You can cook it or the best way is to use them in raw form as a part of your salad or its juice mixed with carrot juice can also be used. Other than being a diuretic agent, it also offers other health benefits that include prevention of certain types of cancers, treatment of certain skin disorders, treatment of constipation and piles, prevention of asthma, prevention of kidney infection, helps in weight reduction and jaundice treatment.

34. Yarrow (herb)

It is an excellent herb that can be used as a cracker to your fluid retention problem. The best way of its use is by making its tea, cooling it and then sipping it. As far as its function as a dumper of extra salts and water from your body is concerned, it works in two ways to help you in this dumping process:

  • It acts as a diaphoretic agent (those substances that increase sweating).
  • It also acts as a diuretic agent i.e. increases urination.

These combined actions make it an excellent choice as a diuretic agent. However, being a herb, it is almost just like a pill. You should not use it without discussing it with your doctor and even if you start using it with the advice of your doctor, keep yourself conscious of any unusual signs shown by your body. It is a good choice but you must use it with caution.

Yarrow herb

35. Strawberries

Who doesn’t like to have this yummy and refreshing fruit? The good thing is that it gives many advantages to your body as well, diuretic effect being one of them. High amount of water, fiber and potassium work on your kidneys and help them in stimulating urine production. They are very strong diuretic and make body resistant to fluid retention. Other benefits that you can get by eating this fruit are prevention of anemia, cancer and coagulation, improved brain and mental health, detoxification and boosting of your immune system.

36. Watercress (herb)

This herb is commonly used in preparation of herbal medicines. It is originally native to Europe but now days is planted throughout the world. Its high water, sulfur and potassium contents act on your kidneys and help them in dragging extra water and salts out of your body. The best way of using this herb is by making a tea. Hence, it is a powerful cleanser and makes blood cells as well. It acts as an antibiotic; is soothing for lungs; is a digestive system stimulant and functions as a antibacterial.

Being a herb, it can also have side effects on your body on overdosing. So, always use it with caution and it is better to discuss with your Doctor first.

37. Nettle (herb)

The tea of stinging nettle is being used in folk medicine as a cure to many illnesses like in urinary tract infection, joint pain, internal bleeding and diarrhea. It can also be used as a diuretic agent. Its tea is the best way of its use as a diuretic agent. The tea of nettle consists of plenty of water and potassium that help your kidneys in making rapid and large amount of urine. The wild plant of nettle is stingy and should be firstly made useful by removing the stingers from the plant. This can be done by boiling, drying or steaming the plant. As it is also an herb, you should use it with caution and better is to discuss with your doctor about its use.

38. Onions

They have certain enzymes, water, minerals (potassium mainly) and flavonoids that make it a stimulant of your kidneys and increase the frequency and quantity of urine production. You can use it in your daily cooking or as a part of your salad; obviously raw form will give you better results on consumption because mostly due to overcooking the beneficial elements of onion are destroyed, decreasing its healthy effects. Other beneficial uses of onions include increased apatite, settling of upset stomach, direct application on skin in case of insect bite, control of diabetes and treating blood vessels and heart problems.

39. Seaweed

It is used commonly in Asian foods and is loaded with many essential nutrients. It can also be used as a mild diuretic agent. The high fiber and minerals content present in it makes it act on your kidneys thus helping in flushing out excess water and salts from your body. Improved body metabolism, skin health, delaying of age, weight reduction, blood pressure maintenance and combating of depression and fatigue are some other benefits that you can obtain by its use.

40. Papaya

It contains fiber, water, enzymes and flavonoids that are stimulators of kidneys and make them produce more urine. Being a fruit, it is easy to use it in a raw form. You can eat it as such, add it in your salad or you can also make delicious smoothie by blending the flesh in blender.

Cure of parasitic infections, stomach problems and intestinal problems; treatment of sores, burns, wounds and urinary tract problems are some of the many beneficial effects of papaya.

You should use this fruit with caution. Do not try to have a large amount of this fruit in your diet at once as in large amount it can damage your food tube (esophagus). In some people, on application to skin, it can also trigger an allergic reaction. Pregnant and lactating mothers should also use it with care. It can be unsafe and that depends on the dose and part that is being used. Better way is to discuss its use with your doctor first.

41. Grapefruit

You might have heard from many people that it is an excellent fruit for weight reduction. That is true but the contributing diuretic effect is also one of the causes that make this fruit a source of weight reduction. Almost 87% of this fruit is water and it also contains many minerals that make it an ultimate stimulator of your kidneys, thus acting as a diuretic. It is also useful in hair loss and digestion; as an antiseptic; excellent source of many vitamins especially vitamin C and prevention of many types of cancers.

42. Coconut water

It is the nature’s energy drink. It contains good quantity of potassium, which stimulates your kidneys and help them in removal of water and salts that are no longer needed.

Delay of ageing, healthy skin, weight reduction, regulation of blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol etc are some other beneficial effects of coconut water. Its use might cause allergy in few people. So, you should use it with care.

43. Kiwi

This tasty fruit contains high amount of potassium, fiber, vitamin B-6 and water (almost 90% of it is made up of water); all these components are stimulants of your kidneys thus increasing urination. Promoting blood circulation, relieving constipation, improving digestive system, combating osteoporosis, depression and fatigue are some other useful effects of this fruit.

There are several ways to eat this fruit like you can add it in your salad, make a shake in blender with other fruit juices or milk or you can add it in your desserts as well. The best way of buying kiwi is to buy those which are slightly soft to touch; they should not be too soft or too hard, either way they will not taste good. Some people might show allergic reaction to this fruit, so you should eat it with care.

44. Apple

It is a common saying that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. This saying truly depicts the high nutritious and healing power of this health-some fruit. Gladly, this fruit is a very good diuretic as well. It contains high amount of potassium and fiber, which help your kidneys to make good amount of urine. Other health benefits of this fruit include weight reduction, prevention of cancer, mineral and salts replacement, very good brain and nerve function booster.

45. Avocado

It is one of the best diuretic fruits in nature. It contains heavy amount of fiber, vitamin B-6 and potassium. All these components act on your kidneys and help them in making more urine out of the extra amount of water and salts from your body. The potassium works mainly by neutralizing the effect of sodium, which lodges water in body. It helps in maintaining brain, heart, eye and digestive system’s health as well.

46. Red clover (herb)

It is a herb and brewing a cup of natural red clover tea can be the best way of harnessing its diuretic properties. It contains many minerals that act on you kidneys ultimately helping them in increase urine formation. Being a herb, it can have harmful effects on your body. It is better to discuss with your doctor before its use.

47. Spinach

This green leafy vegetable is full of health beneficial effects, one of which is being a good diuretic agent. It contains high potassium that acts as a neutralizing agent to sodium. Healthy skin, prevention of anemia, eye health, relief of constipation, respiratory system health and normal body pH regulation are some of the many health benefits of spinach.

48. Turmeric

It is one of the most commonly used spices in various cuisines of everyday life. If you don’t use this spice much then you have an additional reason for its greater use which is it is a good diuretic. It is high in potassium and vitamin B-6 that act on your kidneys to produce more urine. It has many health effects, some of which are prevention of cancer; relief of arthritis symptoms; soothing of upset stomach; maintenance of heart health and weight reduction.

49. Dried Apricot

This fruit is an excellent source of fiber and potassium that act on your kidneys and thus help in the removal of water and salts from your body in the form of urine. They are also useful in constipation, hair loss, skin problems, disturbed digestive system and fever.

50. Pomegranate

Who doesn’t like to eat this mouth watering fruit? The exciting news is this fruit can also be your diuretic pill. It contains good quantity of potassium, vitamin B-6 and fiber which act on your kidneys and help them in formation of more urine. Lowering of cholesterol, heart health, skin care, prevention of respiratory diseases and weight reduction are some other healthy benefits that you can obtain from this fruit.

10 Recipes for best diuretic meals and foods

1. Coconut- Lemon Punch

It is an excellent recipe that has at the same time many diuretic foods (ginger, coconut water, lemon) ultimately giving you really a punch to get rid of extra water and salts from your body.


Coconut water 1 and ½ cups

Lemon 1

Water 1 and ½ cups

Honey 1 teaspoon

Grated ginger root ½ teaspoon

Sea salt according to taste


Add all the ingredients in blender with squeezing of lemon and blend them well with or without ice.


2-3 servings

Time required:

Hardly 5 minutes

Coconut and lemon drink

2. Lemon-Ginger detox drink

It is a healthy, refreshing and nutritious diuretic drink that gives you a lot of health benefits too.


Lemon 1

Water 1 cup

Grated ginger ½ teaspoon

Salt just a pinch


In a cup of water, squeeze the lemon and add ginger and salt and mix it well.


One serving

Time required:

Maximum 2 minutes

Lemon and Ginger drink

3. Mix juice recipe

This recipe contains a variety of diuretic fruits that help you in boosting extra water removal from your body. At the same time, it also gives many other healthy benefits like better digestion, stress reduction, better complexion and immune system stimulation.


Oranges 2

Lemon ½

Beetroot 3.5 oz

Spinach 3.5 oz

Celery 3.5 oz

Grated or chopped carrot 3.5 oz

Grated ginger root ½ teaspoon

Salt just a pinch


Put all the ingredients in a blender after cutting into small pieces except lemon and orange. Put orange after peeling and in the end squeeze lemon into the blender and blend it well. You can add some water if you like.


1 serving

Time required:

5 minutes

4. Lemonade like drink

This drink is not only tasty and a very effective diuretic but it is also very good for weight reduction.


Dandelion root tea bag 1

Sugar according to taste

Cranberry juice 1 tablespoon

Distilled water 60 Ounces

Lemon juice 2 tablespoons


Put all the ingredients into a blender and blend well. You can also add ice if you like to have it chilled.


6-8 servings

Time required:

3-5 minutes

Lemonade like drink

5. Diuretic super healthy smoothie

It is a great diuretic, cleanser smoothie and is very easy to make.


Carrot 1

Cucumber 1

Cherry tomatoes depends on your taste

Green tea 1 cup

Parsley a handful


Remove the stem of parsley. Cut the cucumber into small pieces and you can peel its skin if you don’t like it. Peel the carrot and cut it into small pieces as well. Put all these ingredients and tomatoes along with green tea in a blender. Blend it well. Pour it in a cup and enjoy it!


1-2 servings

Time required:

5 minutes

6. Healthy diuretic soup

This is a simple recipe and is not only a very good diuretic food but is also helpful in weight reduction.


Chopped cabbage 3 cups

Chopped yellow squashes 2

Chopped onion 1

Chopped celery stalk with leaves 3

Crushed tomatoes 2-15 ounces

Fat free chicken broth 3-14 ounces

Vegetable juice 1 cup

Salt 3 teaspoons

Mint a few leaves for garnishing

Pepper 1/4th teaspoon


Put all the ingredients into a pan. Simmer for one hour or until all the ingredients have softened. You can add some distilled water if you like. Cool down the soup and put it in a bowl and garnish with mint leaves for serving. There you go with a healthy and effective diuretic soup.


16 servings

Time required:

1 and ½ hour

7. Cranberry, Cabbage and Carrot salad

You can use this splendid salad as a side dish with your food. It is easy to make and has many other healthy benefits along with the diuretic effect. You can also add other diuretic fruits and vegetables in this salad as you like.


Scrubbed and shredded organic carrots 3 cups

Sliced celery 4 stalks

Chopped parsley ¼ cup

Dried cranberry ¼ cup

Sesame seeds ¼ cup

Olive oil 3 tablespoons

Lemon juice ¼ cup

Sea salt just a pinch

Cinnamon 1 teaspoon


Scrub all the veggies and add them to a large mixing bowl. To this mixture of veggies add cranberries and sesame seeds. In a separate jar with a lid, add lemon juice, salt, olive oil and cinnamon and mix them well after closing the jar with a lid. Toss this liquid dressing on the mixed ingredients in the bowel. The salad is ready to eat.


8 side servings

Time required:

15 minutes

Cranberry, cabbage and carrot salad

8. Raw fennel and apple salad


Head of fennel 1

Apples 3

Lemon juice 1 tablespoon

Apple cider vinegar 1 tablespoon

Minced red onion ½ cup

Head of lettuce, chopped ½ cup

Sea salt just a pinch

Olive oil 1 tablespoon


Cut apples and fennel into small pieces. Add them to lettuce in a large mixing bowl along with lemon, vinegar, onion, olive oil and salt. Mix this mixture well. You can also add some other dried herbs to enhance the taste of the salad according to your taste buds.


3-4 side servings

Time required:

15 minutes

9. Seaweed soup

You should try this soup as a side dish with your food or at least try to have it once daily. It is because it is not only a good diuretic but at the same time it has endless benefits for your health.


Seaweed 1 ounce

Sea salt according to taste

Distilled water 6 cups

Minced, garlic 1 teaspoon

Soy sauce 1 and ½ tablespoons

Sesame oil 2 teaspoons

Minced, beef top sirloin ¼ pound


First of all soak the seaweed in water for some time. When it becomes soft enough, drain it and cut it into small, long pieces. Now heat a pan over medium heat and add in it the beef, sesame oil, salt and half soy sauce. Cook this for 1 minute. Now add seaweed, remaining soy sauce and again cook for 1 minute. During cooking process, stir the mixture constantly. Pour two cups of water into this mixture and let it boil. After one boil, add garlic and remaining 4 cups of water. Let it boil again. On boiling, reduce the heat and put a lid on the top of the pan and let it simmer for almost 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, remove it from heat and pour it in a serving bowl and garnish it with whatever herb or ingredient you like.


4-5 servings

Time required:

45 minutes

10. Simple beverages

If you don’t have time for making any salads or even juices then you can simply use different diuretic beverages like coffee, green tea, dandelion tea, red clover tea, nettle tea, yarrow tea , fennel tea etc. While using these beverages, you should keep in mind that their over usage will be rather harmful to your body. So, always try to use them in moderate amount. Mostly a cup or two of these beverages per day is more than enough for getting their beneficial effects.


It is always best to use natural foods and herbs instead of medicines. In that way many side effects of medicines can be avoided. However, when using these natural foods, it should be kept in mind that they simply help your body in doing its natural functions or up to certain limit can help in certain pathologies (diseases). In case, if you are having a serious problem or are on some medication, the best way is always to consult a doctor and to discuss with him or her about your health and the best food or medicine that you can take in your condition. Even though these are all natural foods, which means they are all healthy with no side effects but still in some conditions they might not be helping you and medicines can be the only solution to your problem.

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Written by: Michal Vilímovský (EN)
Education: Physician
Article resources: Mayoclinic (worth reading before taking natural diuretics) | Slism
Image resources: Dollarphotoclub.com
Published: October 31, 2014 at 9:41 AM
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